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Steven - your 365 photographer

Hi there!! So, my name is Steven and I am part of the GO2UWO Social Media Team here at UW Oshkosh. I am currently a sophomore and my major is Radio/TV/Film. My responsibilities rely more in the video production side of things here at GO2UWO, so that’s why you haven’t heard from me before. But your days of waiting are over, for I am here blogging just you.

Anyway…we on the social media team thought it would be an awesome idea to post a photo a day on our Facebook pages showing off our beautiful campus and the things that go on here in a creative, artistic, awesome, fun way! What do you think? Cool, right? You’ve already seen several photos, some taken by me, and others submitted by current students on campus, so I hope you’re enjoying it so far.

If you haven’t seen photos yet – go check them out!

This is really fun for me to practice my photography skills, but we also love seeing photos sent in by you. (We can’t be everywhere at once!) If you see something fun on campus, attend an event or just want to practice your own photography skills, make sure to submit your photo to us! You can do this by either messaging us on the UWO Admissions Facebook page or by emailing to go2uwo@gmail.com.

Not a student yet and coming for a campus visit? Bring your camera along! You can (and should) submit photos too.

Thanks for your support of the project so far and we’re looking forward to seeing everything you send in!

Yours truly,



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