What Computer Should I Purchase for UW Oshkosh?

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Computers. One of the most frustrating – yet wonderful – things ever invented. Ironically, I’m not the most tech-savvy so it’s fun that I still get to write this blog on computers. But, to be honest, that might kind of helpful. If you know a lot about computers, it might not be as awe-inspiring, but it does cover a lot of the basics. Whether you’re a technology guru or not so much, don’t worry. Hopefully this blog will help answer any questions in terms of purchasing a computer for school.

1. Should I purchase a Mac or PC?

Well, it depends on the individual user’s specific needs. For example, many business students prefer PCs due to the nature of the work – use of excel spreadsheets and office programs. On the other hand, more creative majors may prefer the programs and functionality available on Macs. Like I said, it all comes down to preference and needs. Either computer will work for any program.

Looking for more opinions? Check out our current students’ Facebook pages. Message them or write on their walls.

2. Do I need to bring my own computer to campus?

No. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has computer labs in all the residence halls and academic buildings, which can be accessed 24/7 with your student ID. Also, all the software programs you need to finish homework or projects are already loaded on them.

With that being said, personal computers are still convenient and a majority of students choose to bring one to campus. Note: Laptops make great graduation presents. (Hint, hint :)!)

Check out UW Oshkosh’s lab locationshours and installed software.

3. What about Internet connections on campus?

On move-in day, tech support will be available to help you connect your computer and other devices to the Internet. UW Oshkosh students have access to free Wi-Fi across campus along with the option of connecting directly via an Ethernet connection.

Purchasing an Ethernet cord can be beneficial incase the Wi-Fi connection is slower than you’d like. I’m looking at you, gamers…

4. Do I need to bring a printer?

No, a printer is not necessary.  Black and white printing is free across campus. If you need to print in color, don’t worry. There are a few color printing options across campus that you can use: Polk Library or Copy This. (Also: your neighbor, if they brought a printer… haha!)

Also, did I mention you can print from anywhere on campus? You can even print from the comfort of your room and pick up your print job at any printer, anyplace on campus. Click here to download the wireless printing software.

5. Am I required to have an anti-virus on my computer?

Yes, all students are required to have anti-virus installed on their computer. If you do not have an anti-virus installed, you will be unable to connect to the Internet. For a free anti-virus download, click here. For more information about virus protection, visit http://www.housing.uwosh.edu/services/computer-services/in-room-resnet/recommended-software.

6. What software should I download on my computer?

Though most software needed is available on computers in the computer labs, it is very helpful to purchase these programs for your own computer. If you wish to download software, student discounts are available at the WISC Software Store at http://wiscsoftware.wisc.edu/wisc/school.asp?institution=1023.

Technology can be very confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have any other questions, feel free to visit UW Oshkosh Admission’s Facebook page. Message us or leave a comment on our wall and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also check out the Academic Computing website for more info. They’ll be able to help you get logged in and set up with everything a lot better than me!



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