Things to Do on Spring Break at UW Oshkosh

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It’s that wonderful time of the year when it’s seven weeks into the semester and we get a week off! That’s right, it’s SPRING BREAK 2012!!!!

The great thing about spring break this year is that it is actually warm outside. I know, surprising for Wisconsin. If you’re like Nathan and I and decided to stay in Oshkosh for break, instead of escaping somewhere that’s warm and surrounded by beaches (jokes on you who left, because we’ve had 80 degree weather all week) there is still plenty to do in the area.

As for incoming students, I can’t guarantee next year will be as warm as this year, but hopefully this can give you an idea of what Oshkosh has to offer apart from campus. :)

Oh and first of all, I do want to mention UW Oshkosh’s Alernative Spring Break program. Nathan mentioned it a bit in his video blog, but it is a really cool opportunity. You get to spend your break doing something that helps the world as well as yourself. If you can, look into taking one of these trips as a student! Check out their blogs here to see what they’re doing!

All right. Well, since the weather is so nice, I though I would start off by some outdoor activities you can take advantage of during break – whether this year or in upcoming ones.

You don’t need to go to Florida or Cancun to go on the beach and soak up some rays! Oshkosh has its own little beach area by Menominee Park. Down on the shores of Lake Winnebago, about a 33-minute walk or 11-minute bike ride from campus, we have our own manmade beach where you can go swimming, or just lay out and get a tan. The park is pretty big, and there are lots of activities you can do there, so I thought I would give you some ideas:

  • Have a picnic/cookout
  • Go fishing
  • Play frisbee/volleyball/baseball or fly a kite! (Menominee Park has several sand volleyball courts, a baseball field and tons of green areas perfect for these activities)
  • Rollerblade or bike ride

Of course, you can also do all those things near campus as well if you don’t feel like walking. UW Oshkosh is located right by the Fox River, so you can take a stroll near the river, take a bike ride on the Wiouwash trail, or even play tennis in our tennis courts that are open 24/7!

If activities outside aren’t really your thing, no worries! Take the short walk to Main Street and stop by one of the many boutiques and cafés and have a look around. If you like sweets and ice cream, go to Caramel Crisp Café and get yourself a scoop of Zanzibar Chocolate or Fat Elvis Ice Cream. In my opinion, they’ve also got some of the tastiest caramel popcorn.

If you want a nice place to go for a snack, lunch or just want to sit, relax and read a book, stop by Planet Perk or New Moon (a couple of my favorites) and have some of the yummy things they offer on their menus. They’re also located just steps away from campus.

You could also hop on the bus and go to the movie theatre and catch a movie, then go pig out at China King next door until your stomach is bursting. Or go to Target, the Outlet mall, or even to the Fox River Mall in Appleton. All of these places present many possibilities to spend countless hours wandering, spending money or people-watching. If you want to save a little cash, rent some DVDs from Polk Library stay inside with your buddies and have a movie marathon.

If none of these things strike your fancy, I suggest you use your time to nap. :)

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