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If you’ve read my bio or liked my facebook page you would know that one of my passions is photography. (And if you haven’t seen either of those things… well… now you know!)

Anyway, a few weeks ago UW Oshkosh had finals. Each class does something different for finals… it doesn’t always have to be an exam. For my “Media Photo II” class, for example, we had create a portfolio of our work. Because I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I thought I would share with you a couple of  my fave photos and give you a description of each so you can get to know a little bit more about me! :)

I have a lot of different interests in the photography field, so I thought the best way to construct my portfolio was to do a “ best of.” So I did best of: food, portraits and nature. Enjoy!


For one of our projects we were assigned to do a still life photo. I wanted to do something with food, but I also thought it should be exciting and fun. (AKA: Something you wouldn’t usually think of as still life.)  Then it came to me! I could do a still life of a bag of popcorn… with individual kernels of popcorn shooting out from EVERYWHERE.

This was actually a really funny shoot. I bought three bags of popcorn and first stuffed the popcorn boxes with it. I had my friend Yeng grab handfuls of the leftover popcorn and throw it when I would snap the photo. I was happy with this result! In this exact shot he was throwing the popcorn over my head toward the table. Needless to say, we had to do a lot of cleaning up afterwards…


This photo was taken in England when I went for a travel photography class this past spring interim. We were walking along a busy street in London when I saw this stand of fruit. The color and texture of all the different types of fruit caught my eye. I also liked the idea of the repetition of colors and shapes. It makes me want to go buy some strawberries, blueberries and bananas and make a smoothie!


This photo was taken here on campus. In Media Photo II we have an annual “street photography shoot out.” During our two-hour class period we get together with our group, go shoot photos around campus/Oshkosh, then come back to edit and post our photos on the blog. We then judge everyone’s photos and one group wins.

I don’t know this guy, but some of my friends have told me his name name is John. I like to think of him as the Irish dude because he brought our group luck. My group ended up winning the street photography shoot out. So thank you John, for being a good subject. You got me extra credit points! :)


This is a picture of my friend Kate that I took for my Media Photo I class. The assignment was to take a picture of someone we knew that would show his or her personality.  I felt that this picture captured the essence Kate: carefree, fun and always goofing off. I like to call her my big bundle of sunshine. She’s not too shabby for a model either!


This is Yeng and Gwen. They are both goofy, fun and photogenic so this photoshoot was easy. I chose this one because I thought it was unique and different than any other photo I had taken. I like how it seems like she’s throwing a tantrum because he’s not paying attention to her and is too busy looking at his toy. I thought it was a youthful touch to my portfolio.


This photo I took down at Menominee Park in Oshkosh. These are tons of lily pads. I like how you can’t really tell what they are until you look closely. I also love the way the color of the water turned out. Nature photography is something I like to do, so this shoot was calming: I got to walk around on a beautiful fall day and enjoy nature. It doesn’t get much better than that!


I love how the green pops in this photo. Also, funny/random story about this: when my professor was critiquing this photo he said that it should be put up in a dentist’s office because it’s so calming. I thought that was funny. (Keep an eye out at your local dentist!)

So there you have it! Just a few of my photos. If you’ve seen any of the photos on the UW Oshkosh Admissions Facebook page from “Fall on Campus” — I took those too!

If you have any questions about photography options on campus (classes/ majors/ etc.,) let me know in the comments below or check out my Facebook page!

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