Things to do before you graduate: My UW Oshkosh Bucket List

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Your time at college can fly by and before you know it you’re one week from graduation (or one day, if you’re graduating tomorrow!) wishing you had more time to take advantage of the college experience.

If you want to make the best of your years at UW Oshkosh, it helps to plan ahead! So, to help you out I compiled a list of some things you might want to do before you graduate. As USA Today College states, “The one thing worse than not graduating would be graduating without having truly lived the full, college experience.”

Here are just a few of the items I came up with for a UW Oshkosh bucket list…

  1. Take a picture with “Clash” the Titan. Sport your school spirit! Clash is always more than willing to strike a pose.
  2. Take a nap in the library. Go to the 3rd floor of Polk library for complete silence and to catch some ZZZs. Just don’t start snoring… your fellow students might not appreciate it!
  3. Order a pizza after midnight. It doesn’t get any more stereotypical college student than this… :)
  4. Philosophize at a coffee shop. Drink coffee and ponder the meaning of life…
  5. Leave your mark. Discover who you are and get involved. Make your college experience more meaningful by joining an organization or participating in on-campus events. Make your time at UWO count.
  6. Play Frisbee outside of the Student Rec and Wellness Center. Need I say more? (Note: the photo below is *NOT* the Rec and Wellness Center…. Nor is it in Wisconsin. It’s much too cold for the grass to be that green. ;))

  7. Race a Dragon Boat. Every year on the 3rd weekend in September, UW Oshkosh and the YMCA host Fall Fest and the Dragon Boat Race and Festival. Get your organization together, or a group of friends and prove you’re top dog on the water.
  8. Climb the rock wall. UW Oshkosh has a huge rock wall and it’s free to climb. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?Main fitness area at SRWC and the Rock Climbing Wall!
  9. Sing karaoke in the Titan Underground. Get silly and have fun with your friends. The Titan Underground hosts weekly karaoke nights.
  10. Fall in love. All the hopeless romantics are “aww-ing” and the cynics may be gagging. But meet that special someone. Who knows, you may even meet your husband or wife here!
  11. Take a professor to lunch/coffee and pick their brain. You can learn a whole lot about your career path or life in general from someone with numerous years of wisdom and experience in your desired field.
  12. Be part of a community service project. Set some of your time aside to help others. Every semester UW Oshkosh has a campus-wide service project called “Hands on Oshkosh.” Go out and join your fellow peers who are making a difference.
  13. Accidentally fall off your loft. Not that I really recommend falling off your loft, but in order to become a “true” residence hall dweller you have to have the scars to prove it. If you’re scared of heights, falling off your futon works too. :)
  14. Eat an on-campus “Midnight Breakfast.” Nothing is better than breakfast at 12 a.m. At UW Oshkosh you will have plenty of opportunities to partake in breakfast in the wee hours of the night. The Chancellor’s Midnight Breakfast or Midnight Breakfasts during Titan Nights are two main breakfast events that will allow you to check this off your list.
  15. Ride the bus. Riding the bus is free with your Titan ID and can be quite an adventure (in a good way!) if you’re not used to public transportation.
  16. Take a stroll in Menominee Park. From its bike trails, view of Lake Winnebago and free zoo, Menominee park is a must see for every UWO student.
  17. Go on an “Xpedition.” Go camping at Devil’s Lake, shopping in Chicago or caving in Chilton. The Xpeditions office is always offering something fun to do.
  18. Try a new class. Take a class in something you’ve never heard of or never thought you’d be interested in. You might learn something new about yourself and the topic. Maybe even find your life calling.
  19. Get an internship. Nothing is better than getting hands-on experience in the field you’re going into. It helps you figure out if what you’re studying is something you actually enjoy doing. Not to mention having an internship will help to impress future employers.
  20. Compete in a fundraiser race. Get your friends together and train for a half marathon, triathlon, 10K or 5k. Running in races like the Shamrock Shuffle, the Dragon Boat Festival 5K and 10K, or the nearly naked mile can be a lot of fun and will leave you feeling accomplished and healthier.
  21. Have a campus-wide snowball fight. On the next snow day or snowy weekend, start banging on every room in your residence hall yelling “snow ball fight”. Most likely people will join.
  22. Pull an all-nighter. What’s more fun than staying up all night writing a paper or studying?
  23. Make the Dean’s List. Rep your Dean’s List car decal and make your parents proud.
  24. Take a spring break road trip. Fill up your gas tank and take a road trip. See what the U.S. has to offer and take a break from Wisconsin’s cold weather – or just cruise around and explore Oshkosh/Wisconsin on a mini spring break vacation. 
  25. Attend an on-campus career fair. Practice your networking skills, find a job, and make fancy business cards. UW Oshkosh hosts a career fair every semester.
  26. Participate in an intramural sport. With so many different teams to join you’ll find the perfect intramural sport for you. (Volleyball… softball… basketball… tennis… ping pong… yard games…)
  27. Go to Red Granite. Over the summer grab your raft and float around in an old quarry. Only thirty minutes away from campus Red Granite is a great place to relax and catch some rays. Just watch out, rumor has it that all the quarry machinery is still at the bottom of the “lake”.
  28. Graduate college. This may seem obvious, but don’t take it for granted! You have to work hard, be responsible, make wise decisions and persevere to make it to graduation day.

So, there you have it! My bucket list of the things you can do before you graduate. Or you can make one of your own! College is as much about academics as it is discovering who you are and what you’re capable of – and having fun of course! Enjoy your time at UW Oshkosh and participate in everything that you can. The best way to make a campus feel like home is to be active and involved.

Feel free to take suggestions from my bucket list or create your own. (Whatever you do, it’s fun to have one of these!)

What would you add on to your bucket list? Current students – anything you want to share?

Want to download a copy of this list for the satisfaction of crossing off completed items or adding your own? Download it here.

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