UW Oshkosh Forensics Team Goes National: Here’s how we did in Georgia!

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Hello again everyone! I just wanted to update you on my Forensics’ Team trip to Georgia. It. was AMAZING! Here are the details:

We flew out of Wisconsin on Thursday, Oct. 29 in the afternoon and had connecting flights in Detroit, Mich., and Chattanooga, Tenn. It was my first time flying, so it was quite an experience!

After landing in Chattanooga, we drove to our hotel in Rome, Ga., It was an early night  because we had to get up early the next day for the tournament.

Friday kicked off the Berry College Forensics tournament in Mount Berry, Ga. Our first challenge of the day? …Finding the tournament headquarters! Eventually, we found the building and started to prepare for the day.

The tournament started at 10 a.m., but none of us had a round until 2 p.m. So to prepare, we did warm-ups and then rehearsed our pieces. We also did a little sightseeing around the campus. (There were cows everywhere!)

The tournament’s setup was interesting to me. High School Forensics tournaments typically take one day, are all day and you have three rounds for every category at the same time. However, in collegiate Forensics, the categories are split up into three different flights and your flights determine how many rounds you participate in each day of the tournament.

For example, I was in Flight C because I did Prose. I had two of my rounds Friday and my last round on Saturday. People who were in Flight B, Impromptu, had one round Friday and two on Saturday. (Make sense?)

I like this setup because each flight goes at different times. When I was not performing I could go watch other categories perform and get a feel for that category.

For my first round, I was so nervous! More nervous than I have ever been for anything in my entire life! I was so afraid I was going to do terrible, but I actually ended up doing fairly well — even though I made a few mistakes. My second round went better than my first and when I was done performing in my second round, I was pretty thankful I was done for the day and could relax a bit.

The rest of Friday consisted of watching other categories perform, more sightseeing around the campus and then back to the hotel to sleep.

Saturday was the last day of the tournament. My final round was early in the morning. Before I had to perform, my team and I got together to practice our routine and pieces.

I thought I really excelled in my last round. After I was done I thought to myself, “Even if I don’t make it to finals, I am really proud of myself for doing so well and for giving it my all.”

Later that afternoon, they posted finals for all of the events. I did not expect to go to finals because I had seen some other people in my rounds perform and they were awesome… but when I looked at the Novice Prose finals poster and saw my name, I had to do a double take because I was so shocked and excited!

In my finals round, I was the last person to perform.  I have to admit, watching all the other performers go before me was a little intimidating; however, the intimidation wasn’t a factor when I performed. I got up there performed my piece the best I had done all weekend!

I ended up being awarded 5th place in the Prose category. That is a big deal, especially when it’s your first competition and you make it to finals. I was ecstatic!

Overall, the trip was amazing and an experience I am never going to forget. I can’t wait for the next tournament.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Forensics team at UWO!

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  1. Nicole Toetz

    Hi Jason,

    All of the pictures were taken in Georgia. The actual Forensics meet was held in Mount Berry, GA. However, the picture of what look to be ancient Roman ruins is in Rome, GA. I hope I answered your question!



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