UW Oshkosh Homecoming 2011

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“It’s been a really, really game filled week. Seven Days of winning, seven days of spinning.” Sung to the tune or “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, these were the first two lines of my sorority’s “Yell Like Hell” performance. These lines also seem to sum up Homecoming 2011 perfectly.

The theme this year was “Are You Game?” and we most certainly were. My sorority Alpha Xi Delta and our counterpart fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi walked away with the title of 1st place Homecoming Champions for the second year in a row. Now that it’s over I’m having a little post-Homecoming despair. (I just love it!)

For those of you who may not be as familiar with UW Oshkosh Homecoming as I am, I will start from the beginning…

Sunday, October 16th: Window Painting

The Window Painting competition makes me incredibly thankful that some of my sorority sisters are art majors. Greek Organizations, Residence Halls, UW Oshkosh clubs and even the Men’s Basketball team participated in this. Window painting took place in Reeve Union, which is an ideal location due to its large glass windows and high traffic. The goal? To paint the most creative picture that fits the Homecoming theme. Students painted Connect Four boards, the game of Jumanji, Mario characters, Tetris and Monopoly pieces. This year, our Rock’em Sock’em Robots with the heads of Clash the Titan and Whitewater’s Warhawk took 1st place in the competition.

Monday, October 17th: Office Decorations and House Decorations

I’m lucky enough to not only be able to participate in the student-run Homecoming events, but the staff side of homecoming as well. This year I assisted in helping the Admissions Office in the office decoration contest. We chose to represent a vast variety of board games, video games and tailgating games in a theme called “Game Explosion.” Additionally, I was able to help decorate my sorority house for Homecoming week. We settled on the theme “Chutes and Ladders” and placed ladders and slides throughout our yard.

Tuesday, October 18th: Student Talent Show

UW Oshkosh students showed how talented they were on Tuesday night. There was singing, dancing, joke telling and so much more. Everyone did an awesome job.

Wednesday, October 19th: Comedy Central Comedian Tour

Homecoming 2011 wouldn’t be complete without some serious laughing. This year UWO brought in Comedy Central Tour for a hilarious night.

Thursday, October 20th: Spoons Tournament and Canned Food Sculpture

Friendly competition is always the focus during the spoons tournament. However, for all you serious spoons players out there, like myself, you know that spoons can be an intense game. After several games we emerged from the tournament with 3rd place. (Though in my opinion… we should’ve placed higher!) Later that night we had the canned food sculpture event. I love this event because it is fun and we get to help out the Oshkosh community. The focus of the night is to buy non-perishable food items and sculpt them into an object that relates to the Homecoming theme. This year we created a “Sorry!” pawn out of our non-perishable items. At the end of the night we took our sculptures apart and the food we used was donated to the food pantry.

*Note: We did not make the octopus sculpture… it’s just really cool!

Friday, October 21st: Yell Like Hell and Lip Sync

I think by looking at the names of these two events you can tell they are pretty intense. That’s because these two events can get you some serious points towards the title of Homecoming Champs if you win. The focus of “Yell Like Hell” is to create a stomp or chant related to the Homecoming theme and perform your stomp in front of the judges. For Lip Sync, teams create a dance to music of their choice and lip sync along to the songs. This is where the sweat comes in. Alpha Xi Delta and Delta Sigma Phi spent countless hours learning and practicing for this event. However, after receiving 1st place in Lip Sync (for the 4th year in a row!) and 2nd place in Yell Like Hell all our hard work paid off.

Yell Like Hell 2011

Lip Sync 2011

Saturday, October 22nd: Tent City and the Homecoming Football Game

If you like free food then Tent City is the place to be Saturday morning. You can take your pick from chili, cookies, candy, hot dogs, Titan Crunch custard, pizza, subs and dirt cups. Tent City is the pre-celebration for the Homecoming game. As a part of the student organization/residence hall competition, teams are asked to create or play a game during the celebration. These games range from Plinko, to popping balloons with darts, to carnival games and even limbo! The games are all free to play and you can win prizes! When Tent City comes to an end everyone heads over to the adjacent Titan Stadium to watch the homecoming game.

I truly believe that my participation in Homecoming week will be one of the fondest memories of my college career. The experience is simply one that cannot be replicated after I have graduated. Homecoming is a time for friendly competition, creativity and overall time for fun. I would recommend that you participate in the Homecoming events whether it be though Greek Life, your Residence Hall or another student organization. These are the kinds of memories that you can’t get anywhere else. My face paint may be gone, our house decorations cleaned up and our window painting wiped off – but my memories from this past week are forever.

PS: I almost forgot to mention — this year we created a music video to help promote all the Homecoming festivities with Reeve Union and I got to help sing it! Check it out:

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