Why I chose UWO! (And still love it.)

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Why did I choose The University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh? Did I make the “right” choice? Do I love every second of college life? Have I found activities I love participating in?


I chose the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for a variety of reasons. I went on three campus tours my junior year in search of my “perfect fit.” After touring the first two colleges, I felt so overwhelmed. In tears, it suddenly hit me that I wasn’t just making some minor decision. The decision I made would affect the rest of my life.

The third and final campus I toured was UW Oshkosh. Even though it was raining, as the tour guide led us around the campus, I noticed how beautiful and how comforting it felt. As we got in the van and drove away, I thought to myself “this is where I belong.” Senior year rolled around, I applied and was accepted to UW Oshkosh. Before I knew it, move-in day had arrived.

Now, I am halfway through my first semester of college and absolutely love the classes, activities and people here at UW Oshkosh.

The classes here are excellent! My first class ever was in the new academic building, Sage Hall.  At first, I was super intimidated because there were two hundred students in my first class — more than at my entire high school. After a few weeks, I adjusted to this big transition and started to feel more comfortable and confident. I don’t even notice it anymore.

College is definitely a lot different and more challenging than high school. But here at UW Oshkosh, they have many resources available to help you succeed. So far, I’ve met with professors during their office hours, had help writing a resume from the Project Success Center and have also gotten a math tutor. Overall, I am very happy with the education UW Oshkosh is providing me.

I have also gotten involved with different activities here. During orientation there was an event called Taste of Oshkosh. All 160 clubs had tables set up and were eager to tell us what their organizations were all about. This is when I discovered the Newman Center, a Catholic ministry organization.

Since my first week of being on campus, I’ve been very active with the Newman Center and already hold the position of treasurer — as a Freshman! I’m also involved with UW Oshkosh’s Women’s Choir. Unlike many colleges, UW Oshkosh gave me the opportunity to continue my passion for singing even though I’m not going into music.

Getting involved on campus has not only allowed me to continue my favorite activities from high school, but has also helped me make great friends as well. Coming to college, my biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to have any friends. There are amazing people everywhere on this campus. I’ve made friends with people in my classes, girls on my floor, people at the Newman Center, girls in my choir, and even random people I’ve met eating lunch.

All that being said, I am confident The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will help me accomplish my dreams and help me become the woman I want to be.


My new friends and I hanging out on a dock... Love my face here! Haha.


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