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Are you looking to join a cool student club or organization on campus? Or are you looking to get a little information about what some student clubs and organizations do?

Well, unfortunately I can’t tell you what every student club and organization does, but I can surely tell you a little about my student organization.

I’m a member of the Asian Student Association (ASA) and I’ve been a dedicated member for three straight years. I will be the Treasurer of ASA for this upcoming fall of 2011.

In a nutshell, here’s some info about what ASA is and what it does, why its members do the things we do, where and when we meet and how you can become a member with all the benefits.


  • The ASA is a multicultural student organization that promotes higher education and cultural awareness to address the concerns and needs of Asian students and other students of interest, as well as the Asian community.


  • It offers various activities to promote cultural education.
  • It provides resources for academic help and social support for students.
  • It is a network to meet other students and make new friends!
  • It helps you learn responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.
  • It allows you to explore the richness of the Asian culture and promotes awareness of it.
  • As an ASA member you can take trips and host fundraisers, dances and social events.


  • Our goal for ASA is to create a welcoming and diverse atmosphere for incoming and returning students.
  • We strive to create a cultural awareness about what’s going on on campus within the organization.
  • We collaborate with all the multicultural student organizations on campus.
  • We love having fun fundraising!


  • Meetings are held every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Reeve Memorial Union. There are always fun icebreaker activities at the meetings! You will never be bored. :)


  • Membership is open to all UW Oshkosh students.
  • Meetings are held weekly and you can become a member just by coming to our meetings and signing in four times. You also need to attend at least one of ASA’s events. That’s not a problem though! ASA’s members are always active because the organizations always has things going on for members to be involved in. Members are encouraged to study for their academics as well.

You can join and get involved on campus by being a part of the Asian Student Association.

If ASA isn’t for you, there are many other student clubs and organizations that can help you gain skills that will assist you throughout and even after college. Go to UW Oshkosh’s OrgSync website to get more information on other student clubs and organizations on campus. Contact the club via email today and jumpstart your involvement on campus!

Take it from me, being part of a campus organization has taught me confidence, discipline and teamwork. You get to meet friends and create life long relationships with people you may never have spoken to otherwise.

If you’ve got questions about ASA, don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know! Benefits from these experiences are priceless. Remember, college is a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity, so why not start early and get as much from it as possible?

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    • Somthaly Xiong

      Hello Jessica!

      Below, I have provided you with some information. Also, there will be a Taste of Oshkosh Event on Sept. 6th located right in the heart of campus right between Reeve and Polk that will have other clubs/orgs/teams/greeklife/etc. set up along there promoting their clubs. Otherwise, if you would like to personally contact us, feel free to come visit our facebook page at UWO ASA as well! Hope we hear from you soon!

      Somthaly Xiong
      UW Oshkosh Student
      Asian Student Association Tresurer

  1. Somthaly Xiong

    Hi Jessica,

    As I have state previously I have provided you with some more information if you would like. I am currently going to be the tresurer of ASA this year. It’s always great to hear that I’ve reached out to freshmen or even returning students! You can join ASA by just attending our meetings on Tuesdays in Reeve Memorial Union Room 213 5-6pm. Meetings are every Tuesdays and they start on Tuesday Sept. 13th. You can always contact us at our email: Or my email at

    I hope we keep in touch because we’ve got lots of great events coming up!
    We have an open picnic that first saturday when school starts so students are free to come join! We’d love to meet you! :)

    Somthaly Xiong
    UW Oshkosh Student
    Asian Student Association Student


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