What Freshman 15? How to eat healthy at UW Oshkosh

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The dreaded “Freshman 15,” or as my parents always teased, “Freshman 45,” is a fear that a lot of incoming students may have. If you’re nervous about this… don’t worry! I’m going to share with you ways than you can make sure you stay healthy while in college.

PORTIONS: Always remember portions! Yes, Blackhawk Commons is an all -you–care-to-eat facility, but does than mean you should eat until you can’t anymore? No! The food may be delicious but believe me you’ll have plenty more opportunities over the next two years to try everything Blackhawk has to offer.

NO SECONDS: As tempting as it might be, don’t go back for seconds if you’re really not hungry. UW Oshkosh has gone trayless, which means you can’t carry as much food your first go-around. You can only take what you can carry and the truth is that’s normally enough!

CHOOSE YOUR SIDES: You will notice that when you come to campus you will almost always have the options of getting chips or some kind of dessert with your meal. Don’t be afraid to pass those items up. There are lots of healthy side options… from veggies, to hard-boiled eggs, to fruit.

PLAN AHEAD: Know what you’re eating. Just because you think something is healthy doesn’t always mean it is.  Reeve Union lists the nutrition info for almost all the food that Reeve Marketplace serves: http://reeve.uwosh.edu/dining/nutrition. Blackhawk also offers the Balance Mind Body Soul Nutritional Calculator. This nutritional calculator will list all the menu items Blackhawk offered that day. You select what you ate (or what you plan on eating) and it will tell you exactly how many calories, fats, and vitamins your meal had in it. This is also a helpful tool if you have food allergies.

The mythical Freshman 15 doesn’t have to happen to you. Just remember to eat smaller portions, don’t go back for seconds if you’re not hungry, pick healthy choices, and know what’s in the food your eating.

And my best tip yet: grab a delicious dessert every now and then! The fudge brownies are amazing.

Looking for more tips on how to stay healthy at UW Oshkosh? Check out my next blog on the Student Recreation and Wellness Center!


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