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Most of the Odyssey dates for Fall 2011 are done now, but if you’re like most students you’re probably scouring TitanWeb trying to make your schedule as perfect as you can before the semester starts. During Odyssey there is one question that almost every student asks – and you might still be thinking about as you make final tweaks to your schedule:

“What is the best time to have class?”

As a “seasoned” class scheduler going into my third year at UW Oshkosh, I thought long and hard about this. I’ve deduced that it is a highly personalized question… there will be a different answer for everyone. So I’ve made a quiz especially for you. This is the perfect way to figure out if you’re an early bird, night owl, or whatever they call an afternoon person. Answer honestly… your semester of happy class scheduling depends on it.


You don't want your semester to look like this.

Question 1: Your alarm goes off at 7:45 A.M. What do you do?

A. Wait. My alarm went off then? Must have slept through it…

B. Wake up, check the time, grumble a little, and get ready to start your day.

C. Wonder, “Why on earth did I set my alarm for so late? I’ve been up since 6:30.”


Question 2: Where would your best friend find you at 11:30 P.M.?

A. In your room, wide-awake and wondering why your best friend is looking through your window.

B. Getting ready for bed. You can conquer the world tomorrow.

C. Asleep because it takes two energy drinks to stay awake that late.


Question 3: What sounds the most appealing?

A. Late night food run to the nearest Taco Bell.

B.  Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.

C. Breakfast at IHOP.


Question 4: When is the best time to be outside?

A.  After sunset because the stars will be out and it starts to cool down outside.

B.  Middle of the day because the sun is out and it’s the perfect time to go swimming.

C.  Right as the sun rises because it’s amazing to look at after a morning run.


Question 5: What would be a fun part-time job?

A.  Working as a film projectionist. Seeing midnight showings for free? Yes, please!

B.  Serving ice cream at Reeve Union in the early afternoon. Hooray for Summer Scoops!

C.  Delivering newspapers. It’s your chance to make money before anyone else wakes up.


Okay, pencils down!

Based on my “totally scientific and accurate” quiz, here are your results:

If you scored mostly A’s, you’re a night owl. Waking up early is not for you but staying up late is! You’re more likely to finish homework, complete a videogame, or catch up on reruns of Law and Order at night than any other time.

While there aren’t many “night” classes at Oshkosh, courses may be offered in three hour blocks from 3 until 6 pm or 6 until 9 pm. Otherwise, stick with afternoon classes so you can study and complete projects in the evening and still get to sleep in.


Mostly B’s? You’re an afternoon creature! You’re capable of waking up early and staying up late, but the most productive time of the day for you lies right after lunch until dinner.

Afternoon classes are offered in hour and hour and a half sections, meaning you can still get enough sleep in the morning but still be able to take classes when you feel the most alert, leaving you an entire evening to sleep, study, and hang out with friends.


Are you mostly C’s? You’re the early bird. You get the “worm” every morning by getting in the shower before everyone else or finishing your homework before breakfast.

Morning classes are also available in hour and hour and a half sessions which help you to get all of your classes done with before lunch, giving you an afternoon of free time—maybe time to catch up on sleep?


No matter what your sleep schedule and lifestyle, classes here are super informative and they can be a lot of fun. Through careful planning, you can have a near-perfect schedule that will keep you alert in class and still allow you to get some sleep. This balancing act can help you in college and in the work place.

When you’re finished, post your results! Let’s see how many people are in each category. In the meanwhile, I’m going to see if I can convince the University to give me a degree in “Sleepology.”

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