I’m off to Texas for the summer!

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Well, the semester is over and people are talking about their summer plans. What does summer hold for me? I am off to Austin, Texas for an internship with the Austin Humane Society doing video production. I am super jazzed! I get to combine my passion for animals with my major of Radio/TV/Film—it’s going to be awesome.

What’s cool about this internship is that I sought it out on my own. I knew I wanted something in Austin for the summer so I just starting searching on my own for places that interested me and might do video production. I came across the website for the Austin Humane Society and saw that they had a few videos, but they had no intern information online. So I simply shot them an email asking if they accepted interns. They responded, I sent them my resume and cover letter and the rest is history!

I’ve found that all it takes to get that perfect internship is a little persistence and the drive to get information. If you know what kind of work you’d like to do after you graduate, look for internships in that field. If you’re not entirely sure something is for you, don’t be afraid to get an internship in it anyway. If you find out that you don’t like it, there’s nothing wrong with that. Learning what you don’t like is just as important as learning what you do.

Lindsey will be posting a blog a bit later this week with some tips for the nitty gritty work of getting an internship — like why you should start looking right away as a freshman, how to perfect your resume and how to rock an interview.

Have a good summer everyone! I look forward to seeing you on campus next year or sometime in the future.

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