Happy Blame Someone Else Day!

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We’ve all seen it: a scene out of a movie (or real life) in which a parent sees his or her child, trying to avoid eye contact, while standing next to a broken lamp. The parent then springs the question:

“Who broke the lamp?

You, I mean, ‘the child’ probably answered with, “It wasn’t me! It was the sister/brother/pet/school bully!”

Couches: The preferred hiding spot of lamp-breakers everywhere.

Unfortunately, parents see through those stories and you grow up learning to just own up to your own mistakes. It would be nice to have a day “off” from that though. Even if you placed the blame on something ridiculous, at least it wouldn’t be your fault!

This is where “Blame Someone Else Day” comes in. The origins of the holiday say that the day started on the first—cue dramatic music—Friday the 13th in 1982. A woman named Anne proceeded to have one of the worst days ever: her alarm clock didn’t go off, causing her to sleep in and miss some of her appointments.

How did Anne react to this unfortunate chain of events? She made up excuses and blamed everyone–and everything–else for her bad day.

What better way to remember Anne’s bad day than create a holiday people can celebrate on the first Friday the 13th of the year? Celebrating is easy: just put the blame on anyone (or thing) besides yourself.

Not sure who or what to blame? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The weather. Wisconsin weather is unpredictable at best and can often cause delays if you’re traveling. What if the sun is out and it’s warm? You couldn’t help but be distracted by one of the greatest acts of kindness Mother Nature gives to Wisconsin: tolerable weather.
  2. A celebrity. Not all of us can be “winning” everything. We just can’t handle it.
  3. An animal. This is the perfect time to use the old, “My dog ate my homework.” If you don’t have any pets, just substitute another animal in for dog. For example, I live on campus and could say, “The squirrel ate my homework.” There are enough squirrels here that that could be considered a legitimate excuse!
  4. Anyone you know and see on a regular basis, like family and friends. Do this at your own risk. These people can always take revenge and blame you for something without feeling much regret. They know that you’ll still love them in the end.
  5. Exams and finals. Need I say more?

If life is stressful and everything seems to be going wrong, play the blame game for a day. It’s probably going to be the easiest holiday to celebrate. Aside from National Nap Day.

*Note: I am not responsible for blames gone wrong… use common sense. :) This is for fun only.*

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