Welcome to my home: Scott Hall(s)

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A residence hall is like a dog; they come in all shapes and sizes and have a unique personality. It’s important to consider whether you want one that’s big, small, or in-between because each brings you a different experience.

Scott Hall is like a Great Dane: fun-loving and outgoing, while being easy to get along with and hard working.

These residence hall towers hold more than 1,000 residents in two connected buildings: North and South Scott. They contain ten stories of space a piece for studying, eating at Scotty’s and playing pool among many things.

The building offers several different living arrangements: men and women separated by wings, women-only floors, and scattered co-ed floors.

I’m finishing my second year on the second floor of North Scott. I’ve loved the sense of community on my floor and the amount of friends I made that live a few doors (or floors) away. There’s always something exciting happening on our floor, which makes me less likely to hide in my room and more likely to do something unique and fun.

To get a good “picture” of what Scott Hall is like, check out my photo gallery. Maybe you’ll find you’re more of a “Great Dane” person. If not, you might want to check out Sarah’s photo blog about Fletcher Hall. We will have more galleries coming up soon. Enjoy!

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  1. Jake White

    My home too! Well, South Scott. But they are similar :) LOVE the Scotts!


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