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Instead of going to a warm, sunny beach for spring break, I planned a mini-trip to the Mall of America. I decided that the money that would have gone towards that road trip would look much better in the form of new spring wardrobe. I went during the week so I didn’t have to worry about hoards of weekend shoppers. Less people = less hassle and more time for extra stores. Yeah, I put on my game face before I planned this trip…

If you’re an avid shopper like me, it’s the perfect place to find everything you need to change with the seasons. Did I mention they don’t have sales tax in Minnesota? Believe me when you look at all those receipts, you’ll realize that’s a pretty big savings!

After going through too many stores to count, I’ve got a solid knowledge of all the new spring looks that are out there. I’ve made a list of versatile items that will transition your campus closet in time with the warmer spring season!


  • Tall boots:
  • Everyone knows the phrase “April showers brings May flowers”. Spring is usually a wet season with the snow melting and frequent rain, which means sopping sidewalks and puddles when walking around UWO. Stylish boots keep your feet dry and are easy to clean, so don’t worry about those menacing puddles and keep trucking to class! (i.e. MIX NO. 6 Lounge Wedge Boot)

  • *Boots not your style? Don’t fear, move on to #2. (I wouldn’t give you just one footwear option…)
  • Flats: A shorter and lighter shoe choice, flats go with everything and instantly dress up any outfit. Again there’s no fear of drenched toes. Only in these you might want to avoid the puddles. Hold out on your hankering for flip flops a little while longer; no one likes doing extra laundry because of flipped-up mud spots. (i.e. Steve Madden Women’s Heaven Leather Flat)
  • Leggings: In the past few years leggings have gained popularity again. My favorite thing about leggings is the multitude of colors, lengths, and fabric they come in. You can slip your boots over them or simply wear them with flats. From sweaters to sweatshirts they go with everything which is perfect for when you are in a hurry to get out the door.
  • Spring Dresses: Every store I walk into has their line of spring dresses out. But how are dresses appropriate when there’s still snow on the ground? You can still rock these bright colors without freezing by adding a light sweater over the top and leggings (above). It’s a smart way to help you look more formal when doing your interviews for a summer job! (i.e. sweater from Express, dress from Charlotte Russe)
  • Crop sweats: I know every day we aren’t in the mood to dress up so crop sweatpants are a great way to change up your look. As the days get warmer they are a perfect item to keep you cool without sacrificing comfort.  Countless brands are making sweatpants in vibrant colors that make you stand out so you get into the spring spirit and ditch the dingy grey pair you had since eighth grade. (i.e. sweats from Sketchers)

Don’t worry guys I didn’t forget about you! It might not be warm enough for shorts yet (even though some people think it has been since January), there’s still ways you can get into the spring spirit.

  1. Colorful Shirts: Switching your normal white or black t-shirts over to vivid colors can get you into a cheerful mood for spring. Just like the color is coming back all around us on campus, you can bring a splash of brightness to the university just by walking around. (i.e. shirt from Kohls)
  2. New pair of sneakers: Your winter kicks always end up getting grimy no matter how hard you try to keep them keep and dirt-free. As we are slowly getting away from muddy sidewalks and streets, what better way to show your enthusiasm than hitting campus in a fresh pair. Maybe we can change the saying to “Winter storms bring spring sneakers”…? (i.e. Nike Men’s Court Official Sneaker)
  3. New pair of sunglasses: This goes for guys and girls. Nothing says summer is coming like a new pair of sunglasses. Even if it’s not sunny out you can still pull the “I forgot my sunglasses are still on my head” look as I like to call it. We all know you didn’t, but it still works.(i.e. Ed Hardy Japan Tattoo Sunglasses)

*College Saving Tip*

The transition time from winter to spring is when you’ll find good deals in stores that are trying to get rid of their winter stuff. It’s hard to turn away from new summer goodies, but you’ll be glad you did!

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