Excited for Spring? Some tips for decorating your room

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The summer before I moved into UWO, I spent a lot of time planning out how I would decorate my residence hall room in South Scott. My mom and I spent many summer afternoons in TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Target (my three favorite places to shop), finding bright and cute things for my new room – my quilt, pillows, frames, dishes, and bulletin boards. I have to admit, I probably overdid it a little on the leopard print…

Anyway, already this year I was able to decorate for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day — I still have the paper hearts up in my room! — but now it is FINALLY time for spring! Warm weather, open windows, sunshine, and rain boots splashing in puddles. Nothing feels better than the first warm breeze of the year or the first robin bird sighting.

I’m sure you all agree with me that spring is a wonderful time in Wisconsin (when it decides to show up) – so why not decorate your room to reflect your excitement? I’ll show you all some of the ways I spruced up my room for Spring, and maybe it will help you find some ideas for your own room! And I know that decorating may not be your thing, and styles change a lot for everyone, so you can just scroll through and enjoy the photos. ;)



I love butterflies. Their colors really brighten up my walls. Earlier in the year I had a left over Martha Stewart magazine, and at least two pages were full photographs of the orange and yellow butterflies. I carefully cut them out and laminated them between two pieces of packaging tape so they will stay nice for a long time and not get wrinkly. I taped them on the wall trying to make it look like they were flying away…I think Clay Matthews approves! If you’re not a butterfly fan, you could do a similar laminating technique with any type of photo or art. Flowers and warm scenes are also excellent choices for wall decor.


DANCING FLOWER (or other Dollar Store goodies):

Okay. So this is adorable.

I found this dancing flower at the Dollar Tree – for a dollar (expected, I know). There was a whole shelf of them, merrily swaying away. I just needed to get myself one to put on my desk so I could look at it while I work on my homework. And the greatest thing about it: it is solar powered! Again, if you don’t like flowers that rock out, you could alway stop over at a cheap store in the area to stock up on affordable decor. Stores like Dollar Tree tend to change inventory with the season, so it’s a great way to nab something fun and festive to pull you through the last month or two of class.



When I was younger, I had a bunny named Sophie. I loved her and I still have a soft spot for anything with bunnies on it. This ceramic bunny that I put up on my shelf has such big, sweet, blue eyes. I tied a little yellow ribbon around his neck, and now he looks like a chocolate Easter bunny. Hello Spring!

I also like “thrifting” for vintage finds. I love finding cute antiques like my pink mouse, teal squirrel, and little pig. They have such funny little expressions!

Whether you enjoy vintage finds, flowers, bright springy patterns, or the Brewers, it’s easy to add a little bit of excitement onto your shelves. You could always proudly display your collection of bobble-head figures or pictures of friends, family, scenery, etc. in colorful frames.



I think this picture of this little spring mug mostly speaks for itself.  A baby chick, in an Easter egg, wishing you an “egg-stra special day.” So cute!

Unsure of how to use dishes as decoration? Colored dishes serve their purpose—no need for eating from Tupperware containers anymore—and look incredibly awesome. Blue, green, and purple are all great colors to use for spring decoration and who says you can’t use the same dishes year-round?

What do you all do to commemorate the coming of spring? Do you have favorite decorations you get out each year?

2 Responses to “Excited for Spring? Some tips for decorating your room”

  1. Katherine

    I love butterflies, too, and have them fluttering all over my office walls. I found a template online (just google butterflies) and used scrapbooking paper. I used joined two different patterned sheets together with spray adhesive so when I fold up the butterfly’s wings, you see the other pattern. Very cool effect. I wish I could take credit for creating it, but it was one of those handed down from one decorating blog to another projects. You can probably google that, too… which is how I may have ended up here. Thanks for sharing.

    Katherine :)

  2. PJ @ Home Decor Accents

    spring time is my time when I start redecorating my home to give it a fresh and spring like look. You did a good job and I think you found some really nice bargains. I know how it is being in college or university and you have to watch your money.
    You couldn’t symbolize the spring better than with floral themed accents and additional with some of those really cute looking butterflies.
    Best Regards and Always Happy Decorating
    Paula Jo


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