Top Places to Make Friends on Campus

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Whether we want to admit it or not, it can be hard to meet new people. So the thought of going to college and having to make all new friends can be a little stressful.

Some people may argue that it’s super easy to make friends when you live on campus – and I agree that it helps – but commuter students don’t despair! I’ve been in your shoes. Whether you’re outgoing or shy – living on campus or off – meeting and making friends at UW Oshkosh is easy as pie.

It’s still nice to know where to look for buds though. So… here are my suggestions for great places to test out your latest and greatest friend pick-up lines.

  1. Reeve Union: I guarantee you will find a smile and plenty of opportunities to meet people when you are here.  Look out for posters and sidewalk chalk that advertise events within our student union. Some of the events typically hosted here include:
    • Dances, bands, comedians, karaoke, pool league and bingo in the Titan Underground.
    • Guest speakers, banquets and formal gatherings in the Reeve Ballroom
    • Movies in our theatre
  2. Titan Nights: Even though this event is technically part of Reeve Union, I had to make a special topic because I love it so much.  I think it has the most exciting atmosphere!  The people who organize Titan Nights pack Reeve Union (and occasionally The Student Recreation and Wellness Center) with entertainment.  Here are some past features of Titan Nights:
    • Casino games, hypnotists, magicians, matches with Nerf CO2 cannons in a full course
    • Sumo wrestling, riding Segways, mini golf, mechanical bulls
    • Bands, drum circles, slam poetry, artists, caricature drawings, photo/ video contests
    • Tie dyeing; pillow making; pottery painting; and decorating sandals, bags, or floor mats
  3. The NBC Village: If you are freshman I recommend living in the NBC Village! You will have a freshman year like no other and make tons of friends along the way.  Think about it… everyone is in the same boat as you and is just as excited to explore campus as you are.  As a commuter student, I hung around the NBC Village just to get a feel for the experience and always had a blast meeting everyone.  Definitely check out this opportunity that’s available only for freshmen.
  4. Clubs and Organizations: If you have an interest in something, chances are you can find lots of other people who do as well.  Just look into our 170 student clubs and orgs.  The club directory is nice in itself because the clubs are categorized by what they are: major/academic, recreation, social, programming, volunteering, competition, political and ideals.  Check out our Student Leadership and Involvement Center to see what ones pique your interest. If none of them butter your biscuit, it only takes five students to start a new one!
  5. On-campus Jobs: When you are working with people, especially other students, it is kind of hard NOT to get to know them.  Almost everywhere you look on campus there are student workers.  Ask any academic departments, offices, or student service buildings like the Polk Library or Reeve Union for job openings. You can also look on Titan Jobs. There is an abundance of opportunities to make some extra cash and extra friends too.
  6. Sports: Playing sports — or even just watching them – gives you an instant connection with people.  We have options for all of you who like to stay active.  We host Division III athletics, intramural sports and have an amazing workout facility.
    • The sports teams are like big families.  If you want to play, contact a coach and set up a meeting.
    • Intramurals are easy to get involved with and we offer more than 40 of them! People are getting teams together all the time. If you don’t have a group to set up a team, you can sign up as a free agent and a team will pick you up.
    • If you don’t want to make any commitments but enjoy team sports every once in a while, it is easy to join in on games of basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee or whatever else is going on at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.  If someone is playing, chances are they want you to join in!
  7. Trips: College is the time to try new things. One way you can do this is by going on trips organized by Xpeditions, student clubs, or academic departments. These are a great ways you can share an experience with a lot of new people.  Here are trips that we have gone on recently:
  8. Class: It’s a bit harder to initiate conversation when a lecture is going on, but when you get the opportunity to chat these connections can be awesome.  You’ve found a person that will be there for a whole semester! The extra bonus of class friends is that they provide you with a study buddy, note-taking buddy and vent-about-class-projects buddy. You’ll also probably end up finding other things in common

There you have it.  Those are just some of my top suggestions — but remember: if you dress with your biggest smile, aren’t afraid to try new things and go into every conversation with an open mind, you’ll be a friend magnet. Good luck!

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