It’s International Guitar Month!

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It’s that time of year again. What time, you ask? Why, it’s April! International Guitar Month!

Whether it is rock and roll, heavy metal, acoustic, or classical guitar, we take the month of April to honor this musical invention. You might be unsure of how to honor this month long dedication, but I am here to tell you that whether you play guitar or not, there are ways you can get involved in the celebration.

  1. Go to a music-related event. UW Oshkosh has a lot of events for independent artist to showcase their skills. Local Live Music on April 21 features bands from around the area. There is also Open Mic night every Wednesday, which is a great place to hang out and support other artists or even play some of your own music.
  2. Listen to your favorite guitar artist. This could be anyone from Jack Johnson to Eddie Van Halen. Simply enjoy your favorite melodies in the comfort of your own room. Listen with a group of friends while you’re hanging out or even just while relaxing in your bed with your comfiest pair of headphones.
  3. Play air guitar. Can’t really play guitar? No problem! Jam out on your imaginary ax while doing one of the above activities. Play along with the band at Local Live night or just rock out in your room. Become a real air guitar hero.
  4. Play “real” guitar. If you know how to play the instrument celebrate by creating your own music. Even if you don’t know how to play guitar very well, you can always mess around on one and maybe even learn a thing or two on it. You can even take this further and play a few tunes outside for all of campus to hear. It’s getting warm enough for you to be able to serenade fellow students walking to class.
  5. Play “Guitar Hero.” This is for those of you who want to elevate the air guitar experience, create your own music-related event (Guitar Hero party, anyone?), listen to some guitar greats and hold a guitar-shaped controller. It’s the whole package.

So those are just a few things that you can do to celebrate International Guitar Month. However I’m sure we’ve only touched on a few things you can do to rejoice the guitar. So what else do you think we can do? Let us know!

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