How smart is your phone?

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The first outdoor telephone line was used on April 4, 1877.  More than 130 years later, in 2011, phones aren’t just used for talking to someone in a different building anymore. Instead they can actually be used as mini computers, providing you with tons of knowledge at your fingertips day and night. And these phones are only getting smarter.

With so many people switching over from a regular phone to a “smartphone,” I knew I had to join in on the craze. Not because of peer pressure or trying to fit in, but because of how helpful it is to have internet access as well as mobile applications (apps) available at any time or location. When it came time to renew my cell contract again, I made the switch to smartphones and haven’t looked back.

What are my favorite perks of having a smartphone?

  • I can check my email whenever I need to, which means responding quickly to important messages or getting time-sensitive information right away (like getting the message that class is cancelled before I get up and walk all the way to Clow).
  • I have the ability to double-check information or look up something I need to know immediately. This is so helpful when you are tight on time or aren’t able to get on a computer.
  • I can keep up with my social media sites 24/7. Instead of having to log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Hootsuite, I click on whatever app I want to see and my profile is already up for me to see. It also sends me notifications so I don’t even have to search for my updates.
  • Instead of wasting paper, I can write my notes electronically using the memo app. This way I can add, cross off or delete without having to worry about keeping a pen on me or losing my list. Bonus: it’s environmentally friendly. :)
  • Pandora. It’s free internet radio that allows you to pick a song or artist and then automatically chooses what song it thinks you’ll like next based on your music selection. Who needs an iPod?

In addition to all these perks, there is now a brand new UW Oshkosh mobile app!

Now you can have all of UWO’s information in the palm of your hand without picking up a newspaper or pamphlet. Read our university newspaper the Advance Titan, look over a campus map, see UWO’s twitter feed, contact university police and more using this great resource. (It’s free, too!) Gotta love it.

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