National Grilled Cheese Month

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April is National Grilled Cheese Month—who ever thought something as awesome as this monthly celebration even existed?! I don’t know about you, but I love, love, love grilled cheese sandwiches. And in honor of this wonderful month, here are some tips on the classic sammie that you might enjoy.

Do you live in the residence halls and not want to mess around with cleaning pans to fry a grilled cheese? Not a problem! Here’s a recipe for making a grilled cheese sans stove:

1)    Toast 2 slices of bread to desired crispiness. (Note: you will have to use the residence hall kitchen for this… no toasters in your rooms.)

2)    Quickly place 2-4 slices of your preferred cheese between your toasted slices of bread and stick it in the microwave.

3)    Microwave on high for 10-15 seconds or until cheese is melted.

Do you live off campus and want a little kick to spice up your grilled cheese? Try some of these tasty tips:

  • Sick of regular bread? Try using an English Muffin or Texas Toast instead to jazz up your classic fave.
  • Diggin’ the cheese, but want something a tad more filling? You can make an instant melt by adding ham, turkey or any other kind of meat. Or if you’re looking for a veggie option, add a couple tomato slices or some avocado for a yummy twist!
  • Have a sweet tooth? You can make dessert grilled cheese sandwiches! Grab your favorite kind of bread, some laughing cow cheese (or cream cheese), pear slices—fry it like normal, and drizzle with either chocolate sauce or honey… or both! Sounds just crazy enough to be delicious.

Want to enjoy a grilled cheese but aren’t much of a chef? No worries! B&G Grill in Reeve Union serves a delish Texas Toast grilled cheese every day. And Blackhawk Commons has a grilled cheese station for every meal as well. They switch it up, too. To date I’ve seen Grilled Cheese & Apples, Grilled Ham & Swiss, Fried Egg & Cheese and Grilled Cheesesteak sandwiches. (But I’m sure they have even more variety than that.)

Personally, I’m a sucker for the classic grilled cheese cut into four triangles like when I was a kid and dipped in ketchup or tomato soup.

Have any other recipes you like to use for grilled cheese?

Happy Grilled Cheese Month!

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