Going “One Day Without Shoes”

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Picture your closet. Now focus closer on each pair of shoes you have lying in there. How pairs do you think you see? 5? 10? 20? As a shoe lover, I know my number is even higher than that.

In the United States most people have at least one pair of shoes. But that’s not the case in many Third World countries. TOMS, a humanitarian shoe company, has been promoting “One Day Without Shoes” for the past few years to bring awareness to the fact that millions of kids walk around without shoes every day, suffering through disease, infection and lack of education because of it.

Today on April 5, groups around the country are competing in the “Barefoot Challenge” and trying to gather the largest group that will go barefoot. The winner wins a speaking engagement with the founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie. See what group is winning right now!

On top of bring awareness to an important issue, TOMS is a generous company that donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every TOMS’ pair that is purchased. So imagine how painful walking around campus with no shoes would be: the freezing cold in the winter, wet and muddy in the spring, scorching hot in the summer and walking through leaf piles in the fall. Even if you just walk barefoot for a little bit today, remember you have a luxury that others don’t. And maybe think of Toms the next time you need a new pair!

Watch this video that TOMS put out for One Day Without Shoes 2011 and let me know if you are as inspired as I am by it :)

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