Po-Po-Po-Poker Face: Titan Underground Texas Hold Em’ Tournament

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Texas Hold Em’. What is that? It is the fancy term for poker. And yes, it originated in Texas, hence the name.

This past month, March 16th, I attended and took part in a Texas Hold Em’ tournament held by the Titan Underground (TUG) with the help of Casino Events. I’ve participated in many of these tournaments before and was not going participate in this one. However, I talked to the TUG event coordinator, Jason Hubbard, and was told that it was a different set up from the previous tournaments. After a few minutes of contemplating, I signed my name on the list of other participants.

When the event started at 7 p.m., the seats filled up quick. There were 50 hopeful students thinking they were going to win and beat out 43 other students to at least walk away with some sort of prize. I sat down at a table with eight guys. Being the only girl was kind of intimidating, but I wasn’t scared. I do have a poker face, just like Lady Gaga.

I played the best I could with the cards I had and placed 40-something. After I got eliminated, I talked to Max, the person in charge of Casino Events for these types of events at the university. Max told me that they started hosting the tournaments since January and do many events, like poker and other casino games for other gatherings all over the place.

It was fun to be part of the tournament, especially since it was a new set up.

I love poker and hope to walk away with a prize in my hands next time. I can’t wait until April 13th, the last tournament for this academic school year.

Check out some photos from the day:

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