Brownie Hoarding: Confessions from a UWO Brownie Aficionado

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When I take future UWO students out on campus tours, I always get questions about the quality of food here. And this is understandable – we are teenagers and young adults… and we are hungry!

But, trust me, you have nothing to fear here! The food is delicious – from burritos at Titan Taco, to pastas at Blackhawk, to Starbucks coffee at MiTaza. There are a lot of options to choose from (and a great Student Rec and Wellness Center to work it all off).

I have to say that out of everything I can eat on campus, the brownies are by far the best! So fudgy, so chocolate, so…heavenly. (Sorry.) The best part is that there are so many options…

I "heart" brownies.

You can get brownies all over campus: at Blackhawk Commons, Scotty’s, MiTaza, and Reeve Marketplace. After I tell you all the different variations of the basic chocolate brownie…I think it will have your mouth watering. :)

Mint Brownies: Okay. So these are my favorites. They start out with the basic fudge chocolate brownie and then cover the top with a creamy mint frosting. To top it off, a chocolate sauce is artfully drizzled on the scrumptious treat.

Chocolate Frosting Brownies: As you can see in my picture, I stock up on these brownies. And you can also see my chocolate frosting brownies alongside the mint brownies. These chocolate frosting brownies have the same core brownie, but are covered in a thick layer of delicious, fudgy frosting. At Blackhawk, I get creative with these frosted brownies. I get a scoop, or two, of coffee flavored ice cream and put a brownie on top. Once I get back to my seat, I mix my brownie into the delicious ice cream – bon appetite!

Cinnamon Brownies: These brownies are a little more adventurous than the first two. Once again, you have the basic brownie, but this time it has cinnamon-flavored frosting. Very interesting. These ones have a little kick to them.

Powdered Sugar Brownie: This is the only brownie variety I’ve located so far that does not have frosting – but let me tell you, it is still delicious. Without the frosting, the top of the brownies gets a little crumbly on the top.

Marshmallow Brownies: These are the newest brownies on campus – at least to me — I’ve only tried one. The twist with these is the mini marshmallows that are placed on top of the brownie batter before they are baked. While in the oven, the marshmallows melt. When you eat this brownie, not only is the brownie itself fudgy, but the marshmallow topping is reminiscent of a s’more.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love the brownies here! They are a little treat for me to look forward to, and help me stay motivated while I study in Polk Library. You all will have to try them when you get a chance to be on campus!

Do you guys have a favorite dessert? Or even a favorite food? :)

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