Harmless April Fool’s Jokes (that are still funny…)

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After doing a background check on April Fool’s Day, I’ve concluded that this day’s origin comes down to one monumental moment… April Fool’s! In reality, multiple stories are floating around out there, but it’s unclear exactly how this prankster holiday came about.

One popular theory dates back to France in 1582. New Year’s was celebrated the previous year for eight days: March 25th-April 1st. When Charles IX reformed the calendar, New Year’s was moved to January 1st, but many did not accept the change. Supposedly they were considered “fools” and became the butt of many jokes: jokes that became tradition on April 1st.

But that’s just one theory.

The history of April Fool’s Day may be uncertain, but what IS certain is that with the help of the following jokes and pranks, your holiday will be a success.

  1. We all…well some of us…have some nail polish colors we never use anymore. Here’s your chance to put them to good use. Open one and lay it sideways on a sheet of wax paper so that the contents pour out into a puddle. Once it’s completely dry you can peel it off and lay it on your victim’s most precious belongings. Like that paper they spent four hours working on…
  2. Take a screenshot of the desktop on your friend’s computer. Then hide all the desktop icons (check Google for instructions on how to do so on your computer if you don’t know how) and set the screenshot as their background. You could also do this with their Internet browser if they leave the room for a bit with browser windows already open. When they go on their computer, they will be utterly perplexed as to why nothing is working…
  3. Change the language on a friend’s phone. Watch them try to change it, but make sure you know how to get it back in case they seriously can’t figure it out.
  4. The classic: put a rubber band over the sink spray handle. The victim will go to fill up a glass of water and get blasted with it instead.
  5. Say something super outrageous on your Facebook status or Twitter. It’s way easier to fake things over the internet — especially if you have trouble cracking up in person when you’re trying to tell a joke. Suggestions? Maybe you got married. Or it’s suddenly your birthday. Or you just got signed to a record label. (Disclaimer: Do this for harmless fun only.)
  6. This is a good one for the roommate: set their clocks ahead a bit and wake them up frantically saying that they’re late for class, work, etc. Or do this in the middle of the night and see how far they’ll go before realizing the sun isn’t up.
  7. Replace Oreo creme filling with toothpaste and share with all your friends. Yum!
  8. All day long drop subtle hints or leave sticky notes warning someone of an oncoming prank. Then never go through with any prank at all. They’ll be paranoid the whole day.
  9. In the presence of your joke victim, act as if you are filling a container with water. But keep it empty. Walk toward them with the supposedly full container – “trip” – and aim the container in their direction. They’ll think they’re getting splashed.
  10. This one never gets old. So simple. So good. When a friend is eating…preferably something like cake or ice cream…point to their food and say that you think there’s something in it. When they move closer to get a better look, push their face into their food, and be sure to say “April Fool’s!” as you do so. :)

This is just the beginning of the endless list of good pranks out there. No matter what pranks you choose make sure to use them wisely, use common sense, always keep people out of harm’s way… and brace yourself for getting an April Fool’s joke in return. Just have fun with it! Any April Fool’s Day ideas or stories you’d like to share?

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