How to Catch a Leprechaun

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St. Patrick’s Day: A day to rest, celebrate, or simply relish in Irish heritage. Whatever your relationship with it, there are unavoidable St. Patty’s Day traditions you’ll encounter at some point.

While the grass has yet to turn green, on this day everything else has.  Green shamrocks, green eggs and ham, green beads, green clothing, green… I think you get my point. Also associated with the holiday are pots o’ gold, rainbows, luck, and of course, leprechauns.

Speaking of leprechauns, have you seen one recently, or ever for that matter? These quick little fellows are nearly impossible to get your hands on. While the odds of capturing one are slim to none, there’s no hurt in trying, right?

So are you feeling lucky? Want to try your luck at catching one? Good. And here’s an extra incentive. These little guys are mischievous and quick, but the story goes that if you catch one, he’ll lead you to his pot o’ gold. In these pressing financial times, who isn’t up for a little extra cash?

Well, before we get started, it’s pertinent to remember that leprechauns are very mischievous and cause a lot of ruckus. They’ll definitely steal one shoe, but never two; throw toys and trinkets everywhere; and undeniably create a huge mess. (Excuse for creating a mess yourself? I’d say it’s pretty legit to blame it on the leprechauns—one of the perks of St. Patty’s Day!)

When I was in Kindergarten I embarked on a similar quest. My classmates and I created a trap in the hopes that upon returning from recess we could feast our eyes on the prize (a leprechaun.) Remember… it takes a wee little guy to catch a wee little guy.

Did we catch one? You’ll never know. But trust me when I suggest the following:

  1. Open your imagination. You need to be quicker, wiser and better prepared than the opposition; therefore, you may need to think outside of the box. Dream big, but think little…leprechauns are, after all, only two feet tall.
  2. Become an architect. Dig out the old LEGO’s, Lincoln Logs, K’NEX, anything! There’s no sure-fire way to catch a leprechaun so have at it. Just remember, the more clovers and rainbows, the better.
  3. Get Lucky Charms. There’s no better way to entice a keen little fellow than with a snack known to be “Magically Delicious.” Seriously, how can anyone resist?
  4. Stakeout. You’re trying to lure a leprechaun, not scare him away. Make sure you’re out of sight because one glance from you and he’ll be gone before you say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”
  5. Fuel yourself. You may be up for a long day or night and you’re going to need energy when it comes time to make a move. There won’t be a moment to waste; make sure you act quickly.

If these tips don’t help you, well…I guess you’re just out of luck. (Ironic.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


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  1. Jake

    Love this! I trust your credentials, and will be testing them out next St. Patty’s Day.


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