“Reconstructing Girl,” a documentary by RTF professor Justine Stokes.

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Part of what I love about UW Oshkosh is all the events that come to campus. There are always professional speakers, bands, entertainment and movies to check out. But I absolutely love having the opportunity to see a presentation of work done by the professors here. In fact, one of my professors in the Radio/TV/Film (RTF) department, Justine Stokes, just screened her short documentary called “Reconstructing Girl” in celebration of Women’s History Month.

You can view the whole documentary online. The coolest part to me about Justine’s documentary is that she got practically all of her content using only Internet tools like social media sites and e-mail. Some of the students on campus were involved in creating it as well. I love that as students we not only get to see that our professors “practice what they preach” – but also actually get involved ourselves.

The simple fact that one of my professors is actively learning new industry direction and technique, while still teaching me at the same time, makes me glad I’m getting my degree from UWO. No outdated skills here.

And I should mention… it’s not just the RTF professors that are actively involved in research and exploration. Most, if not all, of the professors here come with practical experience and a passion to continue learning. I get e-mail announcements all the time about a new Geology or Business presentation. While those aren’t necessarily my cup of tea… I might go to one sometime. You never know what you’ll learn around here!

"Reconstructing Girl" Poster by Justine Stokes

Fun fact: the girl in the poster is actually Justine when she was little and the photo in the right corner is her dog, Mr. Blue.

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