A Commuter’s Guide to the Top 10 Places to Study at UWO

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Next week is Spring Break but… now it’s midterm time. And you may think the only places to study on campus are the library and residence hall rooms. Wrong. As a commuter student, I don’t have the luxury of a res hall room and, frankly, the library gets a little boring. So I change it up a bit. Here are a few of my secret study spots…

10. Outdoor benches or tables. When the weather is warm, studying outside doesn’t even feel like studying. Just keep the squirrels away from your snacks. Hey!

9. Reeve Union. On days where you need to study… but could also use some distractions… head to Reeve. You’ll probably run into someone you know, or an event like Live at Lunch music in the MiTaza can provide sufficient distraction. You can still feel good about yourself because you went with good study intentions, right?

8. Computer lab in the Radford Hall basement. Sounds like a typical study spot, but it’s quieter than the other bustling computer labs. It’s pretty big, and never too busy, so you don’t have to feel rushed or wait for a computer during peak times.

7. Front entrance of Dempsey Hall. The chairs out here are comfy, and it’s a good place for silence. There is the occasional passerby, but you can always use a bit of good people watching. Avoid this spot in winter… it gets cold.

6. Third floor of Reeve Union. It’s the third floor, so there isn’t much going on way up there. Comfy couches and privacy make for the perfect study space whether you’re studying alone or with a group. There’s a pretty good view by some of the windows, too.

5. Balcony of Reeve. Also on the third floor, this little balcony gives a fantastic view of some residence halls. Right now you can see construction of the new residence hall from the balcony, which is entertaining to watch.

4. Entrance to Halsey Science Center. That is, the entrance closest to the Planetarium. This entrance isn’t used as much, so it’s pretty quiet, and it has many comfortable chairs. Comfortable chairs are key if you haven’t picked up on that trend. Again, the occasional passerby leads to a healthy dose of people watching.

3. Music lounge. Located in the basement of the Arts and Communications building, this room has chairs, tables, three (yes, three) couches, a microwave and vending machines. Everything you could ask for in a break room.

2. Titan Underground. Complete with comfy furniture and fifty-cent ice cream, this is a perfect spot to catch up on schoolwork, and it’s never too busy during the day. Just don’t spill any double chocolate chunk ice cream on your report.

1. A Bench in the Arts and Communications Building. My favorite bench, although all are equally comfortable, is the one pushed into the corner, so you can really snuggle up. Just be careful on your bench of choice, you might fall asleep! It’s just that good.

So, if you need a new place to study or reread your favorite book, check out these secret spots. You could also go find your own. I recommend any spot with comfort. And distractions. Anyone else have a favorite spot they want to share with the group?

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