Happy National Nap Day!

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There’s a phrase that my friends and I often quote:

“In college, you can get good grades, have a social life, and sleep. Now pick two.”

You may ask, “Why only two? Don’t you have more time for sleep? I thought you only have a few hours of class a day.”

You are absolutely correct! Most college students only have a few classes, but they fill up the rest of their time with work, studying, hanging out with friends… the list is endless. I know at the end of the day—which is usually 1 A.M for me—I appreciate my sleep.

When my close friends and I started college, we were the Energizer bunnies of our floor. We stayed up late working on homework, watching movies and being silly. Then we would wake up early the next morning for our 8 A.M. lecture and repeat the previous night’s schedule.

Things are starting to change now that we’re in our second year of college.

We’ve learned the beauty of naps. Even if they can only be super short.

I asked around campus and came up with a list of interesting nap spots at UW Oshkosh:

  1. Your bed. Who would’ve thought a bed could be a good spot for a nap?
  2. A bench in the Arts and Communications building. So comfortable. And it’s quiet in there.
  3. Third floor of Reeve Union. Silence. Couches. You know what that means.
  4. Music lounge in the Arts and Communications building. You have three couches to choose from. What more could you ask for?
  5. Your friend’s residence hall room. This is particularly efficient for a commuter who doesn’t want to drive home or have the time to do so.
  6. Basements of residence halls. Too much commotion going on in your room? Grab a blanket and head downstairs.
  7. Top floor of Polk Library. Who knows if you’re actually supposed to nap there, but that’s the silent floor, so no one will be able to yell at you!
  8. Outside. In the warmer months, feel free to stake out a grassy area and designate it as your nap spot.
  9. In class. (Just kidding!)
  10. Other. Find the bed that is used as a set piece for various performances in the Frederic March Theatre. Or anywhere else.

There are so many places to choose from. And that’s why today is possibly the greatest day ever. You could nap in all of these places and not feel bad about it.

After losing an hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time, National Nap Day brightens moods by encouraging people to take a nap, if only for a short time, to reap their healthy benefits, which include helping improve the health of your heart and improving brain function to help you study more efficiently.

So even though my schedule is busy, I know I’m going to take advantage of this wonderful “holiday.” There’s never much time in a day to relax and nap, but now’s your chance. Take a nap in the name of National Nap Day.


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