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ROTC or Reserve Officer Training Corps is comprised of college students who, in addition to their academic discipline, study Military Science. Military Science is an elective managerial training program designed to develop college men and women for positions of leadership and responsibility as junior officers in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve or the Army National Guard.

As the largest single source of Army Officers, the ROTC program fulfills a vital role in providing mature young men and women leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Army. The ROTC curriculum encourages critical thinking, goal setting, and problem solving through and interdisciplinary study of leadership and managerial principles. Specifically the program is structured to develop skills in interpersonal motivation, decision making, communication and supervision, cultural awareness, physical fitness, tenacity and a strong work ethic.

Compatible with any academic major, the ROTC program enhances a student's development in college and is open to undergraduate as well as graduate students. The Army ROTC program is offered in two, three and four-year programs of instruction.

The program is divided into two sections: the Basic Course, and the Advanced Course. Students successfully completing the Advanced Course will be commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard. Students must complete their baccalaureate degree to receive a commission.

Admission into the Advanced Course is by Military Science Department Approval. Students with prior military service or four years of high school JROTC, however, can be given equivalency credit for the Basic Course and allowed to proceed directly into the Advanced Course. Likewise, other students are afforded a similar opportunity for the two-year program through National Leaders Training Course (Basic Camp), an accelerated six week summer program in lieu of the Basic Course.

Though not required for completion of the program, all ROTC students are eligible to compete for two and three-year scholarships. The benefits afforded by a scholarship are up to full tuition, a monthly stipend as well as money to cover book expenses. Some schools also provides financial incentive to ROTC cadets.

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