Former ceramics professor, Paul Donhauser, relocated the ceramics studio from the basement of the the Arts and Communications building to its current location along the Fox River. The ceramics studio occupies over 4,500 square feet in a bright and sunny building, just a short distance from the Student Recreation & Wellness Center and the New Academic Building.

The philosophy of the 3D/ceramics emphasis within the Department of Art is to build a solid foundation upon which to explore and develop strong personal ceramic work.  Building upon the rich history and tradition  of ceramics and blending contemporary thought and art making practices, students will develop proficient craftsmanship and technical skills and ultimately realize the potential limitless aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of the medium, expanding “ceramics” to be inclusive of mixed media and installation.

Students at all levels participate in a critical dialogue and do responses, readings and writings, as these are essential to furthering an appreciation for and understanding of the arts as well as being vital skills for a developing artist.

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