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Nonacademic Misconduct

Non-Academic Misconduct are issues that stem from incidents outside of academic work.  Examples can include underage drinking, illegal drugs, disorderly conduct, and sexual misconduct.


Below are important resources for students relating to Non-Academic Misconduct.


Please see the resources below regarding non-academic misconduct:


Frequently Referenced Policies and Statements:


Title IX

  • Title IX complaints (sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking) that involve students as the respondent are managed by two departments at UW Oshkosh: Equal Opportunity & Access and the Dean of Students office.
    • Equal Opportunity & Access manages the investigation.  If they determine that there is a preponderance of evidence to show that the respondent is responsible for violating policy, then the case is sent to the Dean of Students Office.
    • The Dean of Students Office manages the process for Title IX student conduct cases.  Furthermore, the Dean of Students Offices manages student accommodations relating to Title IX complaints, investigations, or other related instances.
  • The following staff in the Dean of Students Office are Deputy Title IX Coordinators:
    • Buzz Bares
    • Jennifer Haese
    • Art Munin
    • John Palmer
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