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Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for providing documentation and meeting with the Coordinator to establish a reasonable accommodation plan.


Students Are Responsible For:

  1. Meeting all academic requirements to be admitted to the university and continue as a student.
  2. Follow all university policies related to submitting documentation.
  3. Meet with your professors to request accommodations as outlined on your Accommodation Recommendation Card.
  4. Attend classes as required.


Reasonable Accommodations:

  1. Promote equal access to the classroom environment.
  2. Provide students with equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of content.
  3. Promote equal access to the challenges in the educational environment.


Reasonable Accommodations Do Not:

  1. Change the nature of assignments or class requirements.  If a requirement of the class is to deliver a group presentation, then the student with a disability will also need to participate in that project.
  2. Alter the fundamental nature of the educational program.  If math classes are required for your degree, then students with a disability will also need to take that math class and pass it with the required grade.
  3. Guarantee success.  Being successful is the responsibility of the student and generally tied to good study habits, being prepared for class, and managing time well.
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