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Housing Accommodations

The Department of Residence Life provides reasonable accommodations to students living on campus. All freshman and sophomore students are required to live in university residence halls. Reasonable accommodations in room assignments, configurations, and adaptive devices are available. Requests for reasonable accommodations should be included on the Housing Application. The coordinator of services for students with disabilities is responsible for reviewing documentation and determining reasonable accommodations. Documentation submitted for requesting accommodations should be submitted to the Dean of Students office.

All accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis through the interactive initial interview and documentation review process.

Requests for housing modifications or accommodations are generally denied for one of the following reasons:

  1. The documentation does not indicate a substantial limitation to a major life activity.
  2. The disability-related need does not require alteration to the living environment. For example, students with AD/HD, learning disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities who request a private room for studying purposes can usually have that need met through quiet study areas located in residence halls, the library, and other areas of campus.
  3. A student makes a late request for a room or a room type that is no longer available. For example, a request for a first-floor room might be denied if all first floor rooms have been assigned prior to your submitting the request and appropriate documentation. Once assignments are made, students are not generally reassigned to accommodate a late request. Thus, it is imperative that you submit housing accommodation requests as early as possible.

Housing assignments are based on disability-related needs, not requests or preferences. Not all residence halls are designed to meet the needs of students in the same way. If a student’s first choice for a residence hall is not designed to meet the disability-related needs of the student, the student may be assigned to another residence hall where that accommodation can be made.


Personal Care Attendants

The university does not provide personal care attendants. However, attendants may live with a student as part of their individual housing accommodation. Additional charges for meal plans or to provide housing for the personal care attendant may apply and will be the responsibility of the student.


Dietary Restrictions/Food Allergies

Dining Services offers flexible options for meals including for dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please contact Dining Services directly to discuss your individual needs.


Service Animals

A service animal is specifically trained to perform a task or tasks on behalf of an individual with a disability. A service animal is allowed full access to university grounds including academic spaces, residence halls, and other areas of campus. The student is responsible for cleaning up after his or her service animal is responsible for any damage or disruption caused by the animal. Therapy animals and comfort animals are not allowed.

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