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Careful planning is important in choosing the right college. Plan to visit several schools prior to registering at any university. Consider your level of comfort on campus, how you connect with people you meet both in and out of admissions, and whether the school offers the type of educational experience you are seeking.

All applicants to the university are required to meet the basic admissions criteria regardless of disability. Those criteria include high school coursework, grades, and scores on admissions exams. There is no separate admissions process for students with disabilities.

You may, if you choose to, include a personal statement about your high school experiences as a student with a disability. Explaining the types of accommodations or services you received and the your individual strengths or academic challenges will assist the Admissions Office in understanding your experience. Guidance counselors or teachers may also be encouraged to submit letters on your behalf that can aid admissions counselors in making decisions. But, staff in the Admissions Office are not trained to evaluate specific documentation or assessments so these materials should not be included in admissions applications.

Students who received disability accommodations while in high school will have their academic record and transcripts considered in the same manner as other applicants. The coordinator of services for students with disabilities will be happy to consult with you about accommodations once you are admitted to UW Oshkosh.


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Before you apply to UW Oshkosh, you may wish to review the following information to help you plan ahead:

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