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How do I create an event?

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There are a few ways for instructors to create an event.

Video Instructions

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Written Instructions

Method One:  This method is often used when you are entering an event not associated with an area of D2L, a campus event, Exam in the Testing Center, etc.

  1. From the Navigation Bar, select the drop down arrow for Other Tools, then select Calendar 
  2. Complete the fields provided:
    • Title: Enter an identifying name for the event
    • Description (Optional): Enter details describing the event.
    • Attendees: Determine who the event will be available to.
    • When: Enter the date and times associated with the event.
    • Location (Optional): If necessary add a location for the event.Click Create Event. 
  3. Click the Create button

Method Two:  This method is used when associating the event with another item in D2L, a discussion posting, an online quiz, etc.

  1. Locate the Desired Item (Dropbox, Discussion, etc)
  2. Near the availability date, due date or end date.  Click the "Display in Calendar" option
  3. Click Save.
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