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How do I release final grades to students?

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By default students do not have access to a final grade. If you would like to make this available, follow the included steps.

Video Tutorial



Written Instructions

  1. Click Grades from the navigation.
  1. Under the "Enter Grades" tab, a large spreadsheet of student grades will be displayed.  Locate the Final grades Column, click on the drop down arrow, and click the ruler icon.  
  2. gradeall
  3. Select the top check box above the list of student names to select all students. Click the Release/Unrelease button located to the right of that check box.                                                  gradeall 
  4. Verify that checks were added to the boxes under the "Release Final Calculated Grade" column in the student list.
    NOTE: Checkmarks will only be added to the students that appear on the current page, if you're list of students is larger than what is being viewed, you may want to change the number of students you are viewing on each page. 
  5. Click Save.
  6. Students will now be able to see their final grade.


NOTE: If you want students to see the final Adjusted Grade instead of the Calculated grade, click here for more information.
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