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Phishing Scam Alert: OneClass Chrome Extension Inbox
A malicious "OneClass" Chrome Extension is part of a current phishing scam which, if installed, may send email on students' behalf and also attempt to collect user credentials. This malicious extension is known to affect any LMS, regardless of brand, and takes advantage of unsuspecting users.

The extension is not available in the Chrome Extensions Store. Students are being phished via an email that encourages the installation by offering a link. The message content contains:
"Hey guys, I just found some really helpful notes for the upcoming exams for <University Name> courses at  I highly recommend signing up fro an account now that way your first download is free!"
If you receive this email, please delete the message and review our OneClass Phishing Scam page.

How do I set up EduDentity and myDesire2Learn?

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What is myDesire2Learn? Desire2Learn hosted ePortfolio service for students who are graduating from their school and would like to retain and continue to use their ePortfolios after graduation. Students can export their ePortfolio to myDesire2Learn and continue to collect artifacts, create presentations, and share their evidence of achievement with others.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Create an EduDentity account

Desire2Learn EduDentity is an account managing service used by applications like Desire2Learn Binder and Desire2Learn Assignment Grader to provide a secure and seamless experience.
  1. Click this link:
  2. You will be taken to a page that displays the Service Agreement.
  3. Read this Service Agreement, and If you agree to their terms and conditions you can click the checkbox stating you have read them and agree to them.
  4. Click the accept button.
  5. The next page will display text fields where you enter the info needed to create your account.
  6. Enter the requested info into all of the text fields.
    • Add your First name and Last name into the respective fields.
    • When entering your email, keep in mind that your school email is going to be deactivated 6 months after graduation. So you will probably want to use a personal email adress that will always be active.
    • Create a password that you will remember in the next two boxes.
    • In the last two boxes on the page, you are going to create a security question that will help you recover a forgotten password.
    • If you would like to add additional security questions there is a "Add Question" link right above the "create" button.
  7. Click the "Create" button below the text fields.
    • If you are displayed an error message that says "Error: unable to complete your request" then you need to fix one of the following things:
      1. Your Password needs to be longer. Your Password must be at least 8 characters.
      2. You need to use a different email. This error message displays if the email is already registered in the system.
  8. You are now shown a page with a button that says "Login" which means you have been emailed a confirmation email to confirm your account.
  9. On a different internet tab: pull up your email, and open the mail that states in the description "Edudentity Account Activation".
  10. Click the statement "Activate your EduDentity account by clicking here to confirm your email address" inside the email.

Step 2: Login to myDesire2Learn

  1. Go back to your page with the "Login" button ( The tab should say myDesire2Learn).
  2. Click the Login button.
  3. Enter your email adress and password to login.
  4. Click the Login button under the text fields.
  5. You will be displayed the End User Agreement. Read these terms and conditions, and if you agree to them: Enter your birthdate in the textbox below the agreement.
  6. Click the Accept button to agree and finish the End User Agreement.
  7. You have just finished creating your account and have logged into myD2L. It will display a pop-up box describing some things myD2L could help you accomplish.
D2L FAQ Feedback

If you have a question about D2L which we haven't answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or notice anything that is unclear please let us know and we will review the content.

Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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