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New Artifact: Create a File

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How to create a file in D2L ePortfolio

Create a File

Video Tutorial



Written Instructions

  1. Optional: Click on My Items tab on the top of the screen.
  2. Click the New button towards the top of the screen.
  3. Select HTML file.
  4. Give the artifact a name.  The name entered will be the display name in your ePortfolio.
  5. Add the Content of the artifact.  The method used for entering content will vary depending on the type of information you want to include.
    • Typed Text
    • Embedded Audio / Video
    • Text from a Word Document
    • Link to external site or internal
  6. When desired content has been added, click the Next button.
  7. Add a description of the artifact.  The description should help you identify the artifact at a later time.
  8. If desired, add tags (keywords) to the item.  Tags must be entered with an @ symbol (Example: @Biology) and can be used to organize or find artifacts.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. The window will list more options below the tagging options.
    • Comments/Assessments: When you select the boxes for comments and assessments, you allow users with sufficient permission to add comments, or assessment based on rubrics.
    • Presentations Containing this Artifact: Click Add to Presentation to add this artifact to a presentation to make it a part of a showcase of your work.
    • Collections Containing this Artifact:  A collection is a way to organize the artifacts in your ePortfolio. For example if you add artifacts from a major and a minor, they can each have their own collection. You must create a collection first before adding an artifact to a collection.
  1. Click the Done button.
  2. Your artifact will be added to your ePortfolio.
D2L FAQ Feedback

If you have a question about D2L which we haven't answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or notice anything that is unclear please let us know and we will review the content.

Please contact d2l [at] uwosh [dot] edu

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