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Which roster is correct? D2L or TitanWeb?

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If a student does not appear in the D2L classlist, the roster may not be updated yet.

TitanWeb is more up to date than D2L.  TitanWeb is updated in real time. If a student drops/adds a course, it's reflected in your TitanWeb roster right away. D2L receives data from TitanWeb each night, around 2:00 - 5:00 AM. If a student drops/adds a course, it isn't reflected in D2L until the following morning.

To review a student roster in D2L, go into a course site and Other tools, select Classlist.   If you have a large class, you may wish to Increase the number of students listed per page to see everyone at once. Otherwise, be sure to page through to see everyone.  Each Column of the Classlist can be sorted by clicking the column heading.

D2L FAQ Feedback

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