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Campus Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault on college and university campuses is occurring at an alarming rate. The majority of these are date/acquaintance rapes perpetrated against women by men.


It is NEVER the victim/survivor’s fault no matter what they wore, where they were, whether or not they fought back, or whether or not they and the perpetrator were drinking.


Perpetrators are 100% responsible for their actions.


  • Anyone can become a victim of sexual assault, regardless of: age, race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, relationship/marital status, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, etc.
  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will become a victim of sexual assault while at college
  • Date Rape, or acquaintance rape, is the most common type of sexual assault
      • Almost 90% of victims have known their assailants
  • Alcohol is the #1 date rape drug
      • At least 50% of sexual assaults on campus are alcohol-related
  • Over 50% of those who've experienced vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse against their will label their experience as something other than rape
  • 95% of campus sexual assaults are unreported
      • Several barriers to reporting were identified by victims:
          1. Not having proof that the incident occured
          2. Fear of retaliation by the perpetrator
          3. Fear of hostile treatment by authorities
          4. Uncertainty that the authorities would consider the incident serious enough
          5. Feeling unsure of whether crime or harm was intended by the perpetrator
          6. Desire to prevent family and others from learning about it


Effects of Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault are:
    • 3x more likely to suffer from depression
    • 6x more likely to suffer from PTSD
    • 13x more likely to abuse alcohol
    • 26x more likely to abuse drugs
    • 4x more likely to contemplate suicide


Rape is not the presence of NO; it's the absence of YES




The information supplied by this website is not to be considered legal or medical advice. The website is strictly for informational purposes only.

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