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Dating/Domestic Violence

What is Dating/Domestic Violence?


  • Any intimidation, threat of violence, or violence between current of former partners in an intimate relationship
  • A pattern of controlling behavior using violence or threats of violence by a current or former partner
  • Dating violence can happen regardless of age, education level, sexual orientation, how much money you have, race, religious beliefs, or gender
  • If you think that you might be in an abusive relationship, there are many people on campus who are here to help you. Contact your Campus Victim Advocate, Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, Residence Hall Director, or University Police


Types of dating violence


  • Psychological or emotional

Verbal violence, isolation, threats, name calling, shaming, demeaning, intimidating

  • Physical

Hitting, kicking, choking, biting, shaking, or other physical force

  • Sexual

Forcing a partner to engage in sexual acts against his or her will

  • Economic

Withholding financial resources, controlling partner’s money or spending it, threatening partner’s financial resources



32% of college students experience dating violence



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