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On the Move

This page shows the 2013 classified staff movement around campus.
Information for previous years:  20122011 (retirements only)

New Hires



Joseph Gogo, University Police


Melissa Crabb, Biology/Microbiology

Todd Hackbart, Facilities Management

Kenneth Johnson, COLS ERIC Research Laboratory

Michael Van Vonderen, COB Information Technology



Sharri Wolc, Human Resources



Bao Vue, Financial Aid



Jeffrey Farrell, Facilities Management

William Gartland, Facilities Management

Steven Huisman, Heating Plant

Kayde Kempen, Integrated Marketing and Communications

Pauline Shulse, Center for Academic Resources

JR Trabler, University Police



Carmen Behm, Facilities Management

Marc Miller, Facilities Management

Emily Selk Loper, University Books & More



Laurie Briskie, Polk Library

Jennifer Klinger, COEHS Curriculum & Instruction

Wanda Timm, Dean of Students

James Wiciak, Academic Computing



Daniel Biese, Heating Plant

Karen Bloedow, Testing Services

Daniel Gehrke, Academic Computing

Bryan Hulbert, Women's Center    

Shawna Kuether, Human Resources

Dennis Sabel, University Police

Gina Schiavone, Continuing Education

Jayson Schmidt, Custodial Services



Aaron Campbell, Career Services

Pauline Delfeld, Registrar's Office

Erin Heiling, COLS Dean's Office



Janet Heninger, COEHS

Rachel Kitz, Information Technology

Lee Laraby-Lim, Facilities Management

Jacki Maxwell, Information Technology

Julio Moran, COEHS

Tyler Vander Bloomer, Central Stores

Thomas Wolf, University Books & More



Paul Borst, Facilities Management

Stephanie Clements, Facilities Management

Katrina Helmer, College of Nursing

David Hietpas, Polk Library

Michelle Highley, Administrative Services

Kurt Hoge, Facilities Management

Jason Hubbard, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement

Jeffrey Krueger, Facilities Management

Carrie Lewis, Facilities Management

Lee (Doug) Pire, Reeve Union

Kira-Lynn Reeves, University Studies Program

Benjamin Richardson, Parking Services

Shirley Van Omum, Facilities Management

Benjamin Zill, Facilities Management






Amy Brecheisen, Biology/Microbiology to Provost & VC Office

Lynne Elder, Human Resources to Institutional Research

Heidi Frey, Curriculum & Instruction to International Studies

Molly Gottfried, CON Dean's Office to CON Undergraduate Programs

Katrina Helmer, CON to CON Post-Licensure Programs

Trent Martin, within University Police

Annette Murphy, Science Outreach to Student Health Center

Donna Nelson, COB WI Family Business to Testing Services

Amanda Olesen, Facilities Management to Reeve Union

Ann Paremski, UW Madison to UW Oshkosh Information Technology

Susan Poff, Administrative Services to Facilities Management

Susan Robl, CON Grad Programs to CON Dean's Office

Sherri Schneider, Testing Services to Facilities Management

Debra Talkington, CON Undergraduate Programs to CON Dean's Office






Jan Censky, CCDET



Julie Bednarz, Facilities Management



James Brightman, Facilities Management

Alma (Louise) Koslucher, Admissions



Jeff Dunlap, Facilities Management

Val Juedes, Facilities Management

Bonnie Radtke, Testing Services

Nancy Veith, Financial Aid

James Zellner, Facilities Management



Brad Hanson, University Police

Ramona Holdren, Facilities Management

Peggy Karls, College of Business



Thomas Deere, Reeve Memorial Union



Donald Kernler, University Police



Patti Pucker, Career Services

David Schumacher, Power Plant

Don Vesperman, College of Business


Name Change


Karen Caudill to Karen Adkins

Donna M Farvour to Donna M Johnson

Rachel Kitz to Rachel Gehrke

Sarah Kriha to Sarah Martin Kriha

Amy Nash to Amy Jeanty


No Longer on Campus


Karen Adkins, Center for Academic Resources

Manuel Ambas, Facilities Management

Adrian Anthony, Facilities Management

Martin Blair, Academic Computing

Paul Borst, Facilities Management

Aaron Campbell, Career Services

Sarah Currie, Student Support Services

Michael Fatla, Administrative Computing

Melissa Giddings, COEHS

Jesse Haack, Facilities Management

Melissa Huckabee, Facilities Management

Kathy Kemp, University Police

Brian Klinger, Administrative Services

Jeff Krueger, Facilities Management

Janet Lenz, Student Health Center

Terrea Malinski, Institutional Research

Laine Mikkelson, COLS

Elizabeth Mordan, CON

Matthew Ostry, Academic Computing

David Peterson, Facilities Management

Allison Reineck, Integrated Marketing and Communications

Diane Vollstedt, Integrated Marketing and Communications

Benjamin Zill, Facilities Management

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