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ICCP Requirement Description

Criminal Justice Interns who teach in the ICCP are required to:

  • teach the ICCP over the course of a 14-week period; the ICCP meets once a week onsite at a local prison; the class period (depending on the prison's policies and/or procedures) will last anywhere from one to two hours),
  • meet regularly (at least once a week) with a CJ faculty member who is supervising the internship,
  • develop a teaching portfolio that includes: syllabi, collection of lectures, discussion topics, exams, assignments, and so on.

Depending on the availability of university student travel money, students may be required to discuss the program, as well as, their teaching experience at a regional and/or national conference.

Additionally, depending on demand, preference, and availability, CJ Interns may co-teach the course with another criminal justice intern.

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