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Benefits to the CJ Intern

If I get this internship, what will I get?

  • CJ Interns can receive up to 8 credits in the ICCP (4 credits can be earned for teaching one course during one semester).  Depending on student preformance and demand, students may  be able to teach an additional section of the ICCP for an additional 4 credits (for a total of 8 credits).
  • CJ Interns will gain valuable teaching experience that will make applications to graduate school more attractive.  Most students applying for graduate school will also apply for a teaching assistantship, and participation in the ICCP will help prepare a student for these graduate assistantships.
  • A CJ Interns participation in the ICCP could also lead to conference presentations, which would also make applications to graduate school more attractive. 
  • If the CJ Intern is not interested in graduate school, the experience gained will give the student on-site experience in the prison environment, which would significantly add to the student's resume.
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