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Criminal Justice Faculty & Staff

We are temporarily located in Halsey South 3rd Floor

The Criminal Justice Faculty

The traditional and online major are supported by a faculty of Professors with Ph. D.'s in Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Sociology.  These full-time faculty members:

  • have active research agendas in criminal justice and criminology,
  • present research at national criminal justice and criminology conferences (sometimes with criminal justice majors),
  • have published books and articles in social scientific journals (also, at times, with criminal justice majors),
  • and teach courses related to their specializations.

Furthermore, the department is supported by excellent Adjunct Professors who have J.D.'s, M.A.'s, M.S.'s, and years of career experience in a variety of criminal justice fields.


The Criminal Justice Staff

The Department of Criminal Justice is also staffed by our excellent Administrative Associate, Jenny Davies, and our Student Staff Assistants.  They can help Criminal Justice Students with a variety of tasks, including registering for CJ classes.  If you have questions, contact the criminal justice staff.  They will be happy to help.

Criminal Justice Faculty

Criminal Justice Adjunct Professors

  • Gene Bartman, JD



Criminal Justice Office Student Assistants

  • Haley Barlass
  • Rachel Rocole
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