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CJA Constitution

Criminal Justice Association (Constitution)

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Oshkosh WI 54901




The Criminal Justice Association is an organization operating under an open membership policy and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, or national origin.  Its purpose is to enhance criminal justice career opportunities, discuss relevant issues, and enhance collegiate studies.  This association maintains no hidden motives or agendas.


Article I

*Membership Requirements*


1. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings; however failure to attend less than 5 meetings in a year long session will result in termination of membership and forfeiture of fees.  (Exceptions will be made under certain extenuating circumstances)

2.  Members are encouraged to actively participate in group discussions, field trips and guest speaker meetings.

3.  Members should actively promote the association and urge relevant others to get involved in the Association activities.

4.  Members are required to sign a binding contract with the association in order to qualify for membership.


Article II

*Presidential Requirements*


1.  Must be a junior or senior status with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher.

2. Will interpret and enforce all guidelines as stated within the constitution.

3. Organize meetings, (rooms, speakers, topics) and prepare material for the criminal justice job fair.

4. Assist treasurer with deposits and withdrawals of money pertinent to the Association’s activities.

5. Prepare agenda prior to each meeting, i.e. topic, issues, concerns etc.

6. Oversee all other officer duties and assist them with their goals and responsibilities.

7. Secure safe and reliable transportation to and from field trip destinations.


Article III

*Vice President Requirements*


--Law Enforcement-- Correction—Law/Courts—

1. Secure speakers in related fields on a rotational basis.

2. Officiate and advocate Association policies.

3. Solicit and encourage participation from Association members.

4. Attend all meetings.  Failure to attend four in a long session will result in impeachment procedures and loss of fees.

5.  Actively seek current for discussion prior to each meeting.


Article IV

*Secretary Requirements*


1. Copy and distribute all memos, documents, and advertisements to their appropriate destinations.

2. Follow all requirements of attendance as outlined for officers.

3. Disburse all announcements regarding speaker time, places, and discussion topics.

4. Assist officers in discussions of current criminal justice issues.


Article V

*Treasurer Requirements*


1. Assist President in fee collection and deposit all membership dues in the Dempsey Hall association account.

2. Responsibly withdraw funds according to outlined procedures and record all transactions in cashier’s book.

3. Prepare a budgetary statement at the end of each month and inform the association members of financial standings.

4. Follow attendance procedures outlined for officers.


Article VI

*OSA Representatives*


1. Contact appropriate organizations to ensure registration among all other student associations.

2. Follow all attendance requirements as outlined for officers.

3. Contact media sources regarding current association affairs and if required write editorials.

4. Assist officers with announcements and other relevant program activities.


Article VII

*Marking Directors*


1. Assist President and Vice President with association’s activities

2. Actively recruit members for the organization

3. Encourage participation from active members

4. Keep the Criminal Justice website updated and organized

5.  Advertise for the organization i.e. flyers, signs, bake sale





Article VII

**Impeachment and leaving office*


If an officer fails to uphold association goals for any reason, the other members may vote to remove the individual from that position.  However, personal conflict is not valid criteria for dismissal.  The evidence, or hearsay presented against the party in question, must be clear and convincing.


Officer elections will begin at the end of each academic year.  If there is only one candidate interested in resuming an officer position, that individual will assume the position.  If there are several parties interested in a vacancy, voting by association members will be required.  The person with the most votes will then assume the position.


Article X


If and when it becomes necessary to transform this document a group consensus is required.  A majority vote will make this document null and void, only if a revised version is agreed upon.  This association is a serious responsibility.  It requires nurturing, hard work, and dedication if any or all members are to benefit.  Together we can make it an asset.




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