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Sherman, GCC

Therapy Dog, Delta Society Therapy Dog

ShermanSherman started his life in a home that was suspected of being abusive and neglectful.  He was then surrendered to an animal rescue where he was adopted.  His personality shined as he learned to adapt from living in a kennel to living in a house.  He graduated the top of his puppy class (Yes, he was almost two years old at the time but, who's counting.)  He then graduated his next classes with ease.  He earned his Good Canine Citizen Class and it became obvious to everyone that he was called to be a therapy dog.  Sherman recently graduated his Therapy Dog Certification through Delta Society.  Sherman is extremely excited to start working part time at UW Oshkosh.  He is looking forward to meeting with groups as well as with individually.  (He is always accompanied by his handler and trained therapist, Kim Charniak, MSW. (Hey, someone has to hold the leash!)  Sherman's approach to life is to deal with the obstacles in his way as they appear.  He seeks help when he needs it and he always welcomes new challenges.  His approach to therapy is to always listen to his clients and always be willing to lend a paw to hold. 

Appointments with Sherman are scheduled by therapist referral only.

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