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College of Nursing Labs

UW Oshkosh’s College of Nursing utilizes the latest technology and innovation to prepare students to serve as nursing leaders in the healthcare industry.  The college’s four laboratories provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to exercise clinical skills.

In the College’s learning lab, students learn crucial nursing skills, including suctioning, administering injections, IVs and catheters, and conducting health assessments in an environment that utilizes actual hospital equipment and supplies.

With four fully equipped hospital rooms and high-tech, interactive computerized models, the simulation lab exposes students to real-life heathcare situations in a safe and controlled environment.  

A computer/study Lab has nine computer stations.  New study stations with multiple power outlets were recently installed for group work and individual study.  Wireless access and printing is available.

Replicating a primary care clinic, the graduate laboratory provides students with a realistic clinical experience.  Included are several fully equipped exam rooms, a larger exam room for demonstration purposes, complementary therapy exam room and a mini diagnostic lab.



Learning Lab

Dedicated as the Elmer Leach Learning Laboratory for Nurses in 1987, the College of Nursing's Learning Laboratory provides a hands-on learning environment for students.  Students learn a variety of nursing skills including suctioning; administering injections, IVs and catheters; and conducting health assessments using simulation models.  Opportunities are provided for students to practice with each other under close supervision by faculty.

Students attend three lab courses sequentially during Sophomore II, Junior I and Junior II semesters, which utilize the learning laboratory. Individual supervised practice appointments are available.

Equipment in the learning lab is the same as the equipment currently in use at healthcare facilities where students have clinical placements.  Supplies and equipment are also available for students to check out for practice outside of class.

The learning lab is an open, welcoming, safe place for students to learn nursing skills that are needed for direct patient care.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:00 am. to 4:30 pm

Lab staff for general questions

920) 424-0013


Lab Coordinator

Jen Basler

Learning Lab/Grad Lab Supervisor

Jeanne Hiatt

Computer/Lab Supervisor

Jen Basler



Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab Newly remodeled, the College of Nursing's simulation lab has four fully equipped hospital rooms and an observation room for the operation of the computer and camera equipment used during the simulation.  Simulators expose students to a variety of scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.

The College of Nursing owns a Laerdal SimMan which is a computerized model that talks, breathes and has various realistic heart, lung and abdominal sounds.  Faculty can develop various scenarios with the use of SimMan software to simulate real life health problems which will help students prepare better for clinical experiences.

The college also has obtained Laerdal's SimBaby and real life computerized birthing model Noelle to enhance learning related to obstetrics and newborn care.  This birthing and maternal simulator teaching system combines the features of a patient care manikin and an advanced childbirth simulator.  It is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery.



Graduate Lab

Built in the early 1990s to accommodate the growing needs of graduate nursing students, the Graduate Laboratory was modeled to replicate a primary care clinic. With several exam rooms that include everything you would see in a typical doctor's office, such as exam tables, cabinet/storage space, supplies and equipment, the lab provides students with a realistic clinical experience.

One of the exam rooms in the Graduate Lab is significantly larger than the others — about twice the size — to allow for instructor demonstrations. Another exam room is used exclusively for complementary therapy (i.e. aroma therapy, massage, etc.), a growing trend in healthcare. Also included in the Graduate Lab is a mini diagnostic lab that allows students to conduct basic lab work, including blood and urine testing. 



N/E 20


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:00am to 4:30pm (hours may vary depending on work study coverage)



Lab Manager

Jeanne Hiatt

(920 ) 424-2155



Computer Study Lab

The College of Nursing has a dedicated computer/study lab consisting of 9 computer stations.  The area is wireless with wireless printing available.  A separator wall is easily accessible to divide the room in half for conferences, meetings etc.  A microwave, refrigerator and sink area is also available to students.

This lab also has access to Aurora Cerner and Epic POWERCHART hands on training.

Various media is available for lab use and/or assigned by faculty.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:00am to 4:30pm (hours may vary depending on work study coverage)


Nursing/Education 229


Lab staff for general questions

(920) 424-0895


Technology Manager:

Michael Parks

Cell: (920) 420-3949






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