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Nursing Research Office (NRO)

The purpose of the Nursing Research Office is to assist faculty and students with research and grants and the College of Nursing program evaluation.  The NRO is operated by a director and five to six graduate assistants. 

Graduate assistants help graduate students with statistical analysis (SPSS) of their data for project completion.  Graduate assistants are employed by the College of Nursing, and paid by the Graduate Studies Office, hence, their first priority is the graduate student.  Faculty and undergraduate students may also receive assistance depending upon their time schedule and the demand for their services by graduate students.

Students must set up an appointment with the graduate assistants.  Appointments with the Research and Evaluation Director (RED)  and the graduate assistants are available to both students and faculty.



The goals of the CON Research Center are consistent with the CON vision: to develop caring and scholarly nurse leaders who positively impact contemporary and future healthcare. The overall goal is to facilitate and develop faculty and students in their scholarly endeavors.

The objectives are to:

  1. Support faculty and students scholarly and professional development activities
  2. Encourage collaborative research with other colleges and health care agencies
  3. Facilitate in-service and research efforts within the interests/needs of the college
  4. Facilitate all evaluation activities within the College of Nursing


The Research and Evaluation Director is responsible for overseeing the research and professional development activities of CON faculty and instructional academic staff, as well as the graduate assistants in the Nursing Research Office (NRO). The CON Research and Professional Development Committee assists the RED with accomplishing the objectives of the Research Center and R&PD Committee objectives.


Research Assistants (In alphabetical order):

 Jarrod Bock, Anthony Drew,  Xiaoyi Gu, Samantha Miller, Taylor Miller, Caitlin Weihing,


NRO Calendar coming soon:

Questions regarding CON scholarly activities, grants, data collection, etc. should be referred to:

Dr. Jaya Jambunathan

Research & Evaluation Director

Assistant Dean

(O) 920-424-1274




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