How do I know if my credits will transfer to the Accelerated BSN Option?

If you completed courses at any Wisconsin System School, for example UW-Madison or UW-Fox Valley, visit the Wisconsin Transfer Information System Web site and compare your courses to the UW Oshkosh courses. Credits from technical schools may also transfer.


What if I took credits at an out-of-state school or a private university?

If you completed courses at a private university in Wisconsin, or a Minnesota university, visit the Oshkosh Transfer Information Web site.  If you completed courses at an out-of-state institution, you can compare your course to the course requirements at UW Oshkosh by comparing course catalog descriptions from each institution.  This is for exploratory purposes only and is in no way a guarantee that the credit will be accepted as a prerequisite by the University or the College of Nursing.

What if I'm still unsure if my credits will transfer even after I checked the Transfer Information System and course descriptions?

You must apply to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to receive an official credit evaluation.  Follow step 2 in the admissions process to apply to the University.


What if I have a question about the transferability of a particular course completed at a college or university outside the University of Wisconsin System?

Submit the course title, course number, and the name of the college or university to: transfer@uwosh.edu asking how the course will transfer to UW Oshkosh.


Do my prerequisites need to have been taken within a certain number of years ago?

Credits never expire


How many of the prerequisite courses do I need to complete before I am eligible to apply for admission to the Accelerated BSN Option?

By the application deadline, at least four of the science prerequisites must be completed.  Proof of registration in all remaining prerequisites must be included in the application, showing that the courses will be completed no later than January 31st for May cohorts and no later than August 15th for October cohorts.  Having prerequisite courses completed by the application deadline strengthens the application.


What is the TEAS V

The TEAS V is the fifth edition of the Test of Essential Academic Skills published by ATI Inc. The test is required as part of the application process for admission.  A score that meets or exceeds the program mean listed on the application is required to be eligible for admission.  Applications are not reviewed until the TEAS is completed.


What is the application deadline?

Applications for May cohorts are available in the middle of July with an application deadline in the middle of September.  Applications for October cohorts are available in the middle of December with an application deadline in the middle of February.


How long does it take to complete my BSN?

The Accelerated Option is 52+ weeks in length.  The spring option starts in May and ends the following May.  The fall option starts in October and ends the following October.  In addition, each cohort has a weekend-long orientation, usually held about two weeks before the program begins.


May I work during the curriculum?

The rapid pace of the course work and the flexibility required for “precepted” clinical experiences require a full-time commitment; therefore, it is required that students agree in writing to forgo all employment while completing the Accelerated Option.

How far will I have to travel for my clinical rotations?

The goal of the Accelerated Option is for students to complete clinical rotations in their "home communities," with the intention that they first seek employment in their home communities upon graduation.  Our goal is to secure clinical rotations within 50 miles of the student's home community; this is not always possible.   A number of factors influence the distance which a student will need to travel for clinical rotations, including, but not limited to:  the student's geographic location, the availability of appropriate clinical sites and nurse preceptors, the number of students in a given geographical area.  Therefore, students who accept a slot in the Accelerated Option must agree in writing to travel further than the 50-mile/one-hour distance should the need arise.


What is the most difficult aspect of the Accelerated Online Option?

The Accelerated Option is rigorous.  Students can expect to spend 8-10 hours per day on reading and studying.  The reading is intensive, typically 100 pages or more per day.   During the 8 months when students are completing both theory and clinical course work, the work week can be 60-70 hours.


How many students will be admitted to the Accelerated Online BSN option?

The number admitted to each cohort is 30.


How difficult is it to gain acceptance into the the option?

Admission to the Accelerated Nursing Option is highly competitive.


How are the applicants screened?

The admissions process is holistic.  Applicants are considered based upon the following:

  • GPA in the prerequisite courses

  • CNA experience

  • TEAS V score and sub-scores

  • Resume

  • Phone and Online interviews of selected applicants

 Detailed information can be found on the admissions sequence page.


Are there additional factors that strengthen the application?

Completion of all prerequisite coursework by the end of the semester in which the application is due strengthens the application.

Articulate oral and written communication during the application process strengthens the application.

The admissions committee is seeking mature, academically strong students who can work both independently and collaboratively, who have the ability to be flexible with clinical assignments, and who have a strong desire to attain a high level of professional skill in an accelerated, not abbreviated, learning environment.


Can I focus my clinical experience during the option to a particular area of interest?

The Accelerated Online Bachelor's to BSN option is an undergraduate program.  The focus of a baccalaureate nursing program is to educate nurse generalists by offering a broad base of nursing theory and a range of clinical experiences.  Upon successful completion of the option, graduates are endorsed to take the NCLEX Examination to become a registered nurse.


Are international students able to complete this option?

All applicants must be permanent residents of the U.S. to be eligible for admission. 


Is this nursing option accredited?

The Accelerated Online Option of the Undergraduate Nursing Program is fully accredited by the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education).




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